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  1. Mailman1971

    Ok...... What ya listening to?

    Posted in a different thread. Been on a old 70s rock kick. Foghat ‘fool for the city and foghat Live ‘ been in my vehicle non stop last few months. Just a fresh break from other music. what ya got these days???
  2. Mailman1971

    Walking dead season 10

    Watching it now. Been waiting long time! Got the day off and goin to finish it in one day. great stuff. I was a little late to start watching it
  3. Mailman1971

    What in the fuck is wrong with America???

    Some idiot puts gorilla glue in her hair. Then people send her $20,000.00 in a go fund me ? Makes me wanna puke.
  4. Mailman1971

    Walking dead virgin. Need advice

    Ok.... I’m late to the bell. I want to watch Walking Dead. I popped in half a season. No clue what’s going on Start season one episode 1? Lot of different seasons and episodes these days. Any veterans out there on this?
  5. Mailman1971

    Devil went down to Georgia...

    RIP Charlie Daniels :no:
  6. Mailman1971


    Ok. Been several years since we had this opinion battle. Two POWERHOUSE bands..... Let’s Battle!! :rock: I am honestly 50/50 on both bands. :lol: :LOL:
  7. Mailman1971

    My thoughts on all that’s going on...
  8. Mailman1971

    Any Steelheart fans here?

    I listen to a lot of Hair nation / Slippery when wet on Alexa. I hear Angel eyes weekly. Great tune. Tone. The singer rules.
  9. Mailman1971

    Getting ready to go!

    Looks like 95 percentage can’t leave. I am the fucking sad 5 .percent :lol: :LOL:
  10. Mailman1971

    Hall monitor

    What the hell guys?!? All these threads. Bickering. Arguing. ?? Hell I encourage it!! :lol: :LOL: But I get 30 plus pms.... ‘Mister?? He hurt my feelings.... :cry: Please shut it down.... make him stop..,’ Seriously :gethim: If you. Engage.... on a thread. Expect it. Not your mom...
  11. Mailman1971

    Fingers locking up?

    I might of posted this elsewhere. My pinky and ring finger. Keeps locking up. I can snap and snap em. Shit does not go away!! :lol: :LOL: I go to my doc in April. It’s out of control. Barely pick up my Keyes somedays. :aww:
  12. Mailman1971

    Great transaction with Paulyc.

    Paul is top notch. :thumbsup: Had a guitar listed. He made a offer. I accepted. Sent me a money order within 24 hours. Great communication. He got the guitar. Loves it. That’s how all deals should go down. Thanks Pauly!!! :rock:
  13. Mailman1971

    Wayne Charvel California SOLD PENDING PAYMENT.

    Ok guys. Got this on trade few years back. Really a hard to find guitar made by the original Wayne Charvel and his son at the Wayne Factory. If your reading this you probably all know these builders. Legendary. Well their factory burned down a few years ago and doubt you will see any new...
  14. Mailman1971

    Smooth transaction with TPRUITT

    Listed my evh stealth few days ago. He gave me an offer. I accepted. He paid right after. I shipped. He got it the next day. Cant get any better than this. Easy peasy. :thumbsup:
  15. Mailman1971

    Once again.... WHATS COOKING?!

    Had a cooking thread years back. Lot of fun. Let’s fire it up again! Today making home made chicken soup in a slow cooker. Should be great when finished.
  16. Mailman1971

    EVH 100 watt EL34 Stealth. The Big boy! **** SOLD***

    on loop Up for sale is one kick ass amp. I bought it brand new and it never left my jam room. Excellent shape. Sounds fantastic. :rock: Only selling because I got lot of gear and don’t play as much as I did. Will be packed to the hilt. Done tons of deals here and eBay. Just got my eye...
  17. Mailman1971

    Last nite SAW ZOSO Zep tribute. *EPIC* !!!!

    Anyone see these guys? Vids look promising. $25 for a good night out.
  18. Mailman1971

    Any Nazareth fans here??

    Man that band is all I been listening too. Expect no mercy. Hair the dog. The live ‘shapes of things’ gives me goosebumps. Dans voice is so ridiculous good. Damn what a great band!! Merry Christmas everyone. :rock:
  19. Mailman1971

    Any you guys see ZOSO the Led Zepplin tribute band?

    They are coming to my back yard in January. Guess they sold out a pretty big venue last trip thru. 25 bucks for tickets sounds very reasonable. Thoughts?
  20. Mailman1971

    Old jam. My take on Vito bratto.