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  1. Spaceboy

    Say something bad about the Shure GLXD16 wireless

    Talk me out of spending 500 bucks on this thing.
  2. Spaceboy

    Who's make affordable but quality snakes?

    I'm trying to get four channels TS from board to amp, plus a 120v if possible. I never really liked the Pedal Snake style where you have a bunch of changeable ends, and it's priced a little high. If I can find a snake, that'd be perfect, otherwise I'll just bundle up some cables in a Pedal...
  3. Spaceboy

    Is a G Major 2 still the best buy for rack fx?

    Just looking for my best option for rack reverb and delay that’s simple to program and be affordable. I’m surprised nobody has come out with a 1U rack effect for a decent price in the past decade.
  4. Spaceboy

    Who's making the best Kemper packs for high gain?

    I finally snagged a Kemper and want to start out the gate with some A+ quality profiles. It should be here in a couple days. I don't mind spending a little bit of cash. I definitely need Recto patches and Mark IV, both DI for use with a guitar cab, and studio for recording. I guess I could...
  5. Spaceboy

    Tell me why the Kemper sucks

    I have a handful of great amps that all basically do one thing. I’ve been on a hunt for a 3+ channel amp to cover more ground, and off some of the shit I have sitting around. I just haven’t found the right amp. I’m considering just going with a powered Kemper, direct profiling my amps for...
  6. Spaceboy

    Give me amp gas. 3-channel, 2203 flavored but modern?

    I adore my JMP2204 and Suhr RL combo for like 90% of my tonal needs. Fantastic cleans, medium gain is the sound of rock n roll, and with an OD808 it’s the sound of thrash. I haven’t had strong GAS for an amp in a long time, but as I get away from modelers for the sake of simplicity, I’d like...
  7. Spaceboy

    Favorite Greenback IR?

    I have a bunch of Ownhammer stuff but haven’t explored too much from other companies. I love the OH Mesa IRs for heavy guitars, but I need something more in the Greenback world. The OH options I have are good, but I want to test the waters. RedWirez, ML, 3 Signa are all names I’ve seen...
  8. Spaceboy

    Talk to me about Forte style 2x12s

    I've been considering going back to a vertical 2x12, loading my typically mic'd speaker (Vintage 30) on the bottom, and something that's slightly less piercing on the top, maybe a Creamback H75. I would get the partially removable back, because sometimes I do play house shows and other small...
  9. Spaceboy

    Avatar went all black?

    You apparently can't choose telex and grill cloth to suite your amps or anything anymore. I could understand a cost factor of having all that material around, but dang that doesn't seem like the best business move since that was a major appeal of going with Avatar. They've been doing custom...
  10. Spaceboy

    I just want an affordable 2204 with a small footprint.

    I want a 50w JCM800 in a small 19" or less headshell (to fit on a vertical 2x12), with an at least usable master volume when stage boys tell me turn down. I have a JMP2204 and it's master absolutely neuters the amp. I wouldn't mind being a touch hotrodded or something like Fargen's decade...
  11. Spaceboy

    Does anybody know what casters are used on Framus cabinets?

    I bought a used Framus cab that has pop-in caster bases, but not sure which will fit.
  12. Spaceboy

    Smooth speaker for versatile open back 1x12

    I have a open back 1x12 cabinet and want a versatile speaker for overdriven and clean tones, but simultaneously smooth and mid-present. It will be paired with a Bad Cat Hot Cat 50w with EL34s. It currently has a standard Vintage 30, not the Bad Cat version V30, which I’m not a fan of alone. I...
  13. Spaceboy

    So, what high gain pedals are the real deal?

    I am 100% an amplifier guy when it comes to high gain. I want everything from the tubes, and generally prefer not even using a boost unless it's a more oldschool flavored Marshall or something. But, what if you can only carry a pedalboard and use an unpredictable backline? What pedal would...
  14. Spaceboy

    What amp under ~600?

    I need a budget head, under 600, even cheaper is better. - 50w or more - decent master volume, doesn’t have to be absolutely cranked - can do high gain, not necessarily modern metal, boost is fine - not too bright, good with single coils - can do a good generic rock crunch, medium gain - cleans...
  15. Spaceboy

    What’s the opinion on current low-end Charvel?

    I’m looking at one of the low-end San Dimas that retail around $850. The specs on paper look good, compound radius, Duncans, locking tuners, graphite reinforced neck, etc. Generally Fender owned companies are great on the low-end in recent years, but I haven’t seen any Charvels on locals walls...
  16. Spaceboy

    Rockcrusher incredibly dark?

    I just got a Rivera Rockcrusher and I'm trying to get a decent tone with it. This is my first experience with attenuators or trying to DI a tube amp. I have an AC30C2, I'm sending the external cab output to the Rockcrusher, and it's output to another 2x12 with Greenbacks. When I attenuate...
  17. Spaceboy

    What would pair with an AC30?

    I want to run something crunchy in stereo with my AC30, which serves as a platform for fuzz and weird sounds. One of my favorite guitarists ran an AC30 and 2203, but maybe there are some other options out there. I want a combo, 50w or less, 1x12 or maybe 2x12. I like simple and not too many...
  18. Spaceboy

    What would you pay for this 5150 sig?

    There's no tolex, the shell is dinged up, there faceplate and wood behind the grill have been removed, the tubes have life but let's assume they are basically needing replaced, no functional issues at all, sounds as a 5150 should. It's a complete beater amp but these can usually take a good...
  19. Spaceboy

    Best 40-50w 1x12 combo for rock?

    I want a medium to high gain but NOT metal amp in a 1x12 combo format. It needs to have two channels, one being British flavored crunch, in the JCM800 ballpark when it comes to gain amount. I would prefer it voiced a little dark, and not have the sizzle that most modern high gainers have. I...
  20. Spaceboy

    I need a crappy little practice amp!

    I can't seem to find a small combo that I plug into and makes me actually want to play. I've looked through the Egnaters, Blackstars, Yamaha TH, Oranges, Fenders, others here and there available at local stores, but so far nothing gives me a a decent medium/high gain sound with a telecaster...