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    EVH vs PRS vs Marshall mini heads.... Cage Match

    These guys have some great demos and this is no exception.... little fire breathers for sure. Lots going on with the newer breed of small format heads
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    Earthless - Electric Flame

    This is fricking ripping.... if you're not familiar with this band, dive in. Drummer is former pro skater Mario Rubalcaba (OFF! & Hot Snakes). guitar player is just a next level shredder, killer voice too
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    Bombastic Meatbats ~ Chad Smith / Jeff Kollman Iridium show

    This is pretty F'ing wild. Chad Smith from the Chili Peppers, Jeff Kollman from the Planet Shred. Smoking set
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    Reverb Les Paul score

    Maybe "score" is a little generous :ROFLMAO: Thoughts ?
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    Loudness - Devil Soldier 1982

    This album was my introduction to Loudness and Akira Takasaki in 1982. Still have the vinyl, still just as ripping, still know all the lyrics 😂
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    Riot "Fight or Fall" documentary

    Such a ripping band...I first heard them when I bought the Castle Donnington LP in 80/81' that had an extended version of 'Road Racin' on it, hooked me right then. Good three part docu if you were ever into these guys....I for sure prefer the pre Rhett version of the band.
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    1976 - Gary Moore w Lizzy on Old Grey Whistle Test

    Possibly my favorite Thin Lizzy tune and a ripping performance ( I do like the Live and Dangerous version energy though...) Old Grey Whistle Test is a treasure trove of recordings, love this shit.... Broken string 10 seconds into the song ? pffffffttttt Up close with "Greenie when it was still...
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    Pat Travers 1976 w/ Nico McBrain... 45 years ago

    This still F'ing rocks. Pre "Go For What You Know" w Mars Cowling on bass and Nico McBrain before he joined Iron Maiden
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    1 owner 71' Marshall 1959 full stack.....

    Go git em.....
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    Robert Fripp plays Metallica...

    and a couple other tunes :ROFLMAO:
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    Martin Golub RIP

    Modder down....always too soon, very talented guy who is responsible for a bunch of killer tones out there.
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    Dweezil Zappa - selling some cool stuff...

    Check some of these out...prob gonna be pricey but you are what you is!
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    The Golden Gods

    Ripping band, too bad they didn't take off as was predicted...Straight up F'ing Rock n Roll :rock: ED2DRlArc8o
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    Killer old EVH clip with a stock Strat

    Not sure who, how, where or when but this is a pretty smoking clip of Eddie VH just random jamming pulling out some very Beck-ish tones Ogmckq6v5lg
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    Bogner Atma head - SOLD

    Killer little Bogner fire-breather here. 18 watt Bogner Atma in excellent + physical and functional condition. EL84 powered , 3 channels with loop, foot-switch included The Atma is one of Reinhold's finest moments. Operate in 1 watt, 5 watt, or 18 watt modes. 1 watt mode is awesome for...
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    New Portland band 'Full Metal Jackson'....Epic.

    As if Phil Lynott, Lemmy and Michael Jackson got together to play Michael Jackson songs hahah. This absolutely fricking rocks :rock: k7XeCrIHsdY
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    SOLD - Bogner Duende 15 watt head / Wizard MC25 head *NFS*

    Here we have a two incredible amps that unfortunately need to go...hurts to do it but bigger picture issues have come up that need to be addressed....keep an eye out, maybe a guitar or two coming as well as a cab or two or three..... Photos to follow soon, both amps in immaculate condition. NO...
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    One photo to say it em' up

    Right here....EJ
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    Goldfinger shipping? on evilbay?

    Looks that way although I'm sure Rob can confirm...already on evilbay - BIN $2099 :confused: ... 335c1c19da So whats the word on this rig ???
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    Ghost Town

    Where's Mark? Where's the amps? Whats up? Splawner and Jcoopercameron - don't bother replying, mouth breathers need not respond. Check your craptacular ears and amps at the door.