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    Captor X 3rd party IRs which kHz?

    Hi guys. Which kHz rate should I chose to load to Captor X? For instance I have Bogren Signature IR pack and it's 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz IRs inside. So which one is the best for Captor X 16?
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    Captor 8 ATT input - is that ok to use 16Ohm cab?

    Captor 8 attenuation input - is that ok to use 16Ohm cabinet if not going to use THRU at all? Using at home for silent recording and attenuation only. Amp switchable, I have 2 cabs (8 and 16) and would like to switch cab from time to time.
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    Captor X vs Torpedo Reload

    Currently I'm thinking to buy Captor X or Torpedo Reload. Except obvious features difference - there is a difference in CAB sound using attenuation. Could you please explain the conception behind? For instance if I set Contour on 0 (which according to description should preserve real sound of...
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    Which headphones for Captor X – 250 or 30?

    Could you give me pro advice - headphones ? for Captor X, which one is better 250 Ohm or 30-80 Ohm?
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    What is the proper way to plug/unplug cab?

    For instance im using a cab, with attenuation set to MID. Then I need to switch to "Silent mode" - headphones only. Should I turn everything off (power off) before unplugging cab? Or is it ok to only put amp to Standby? Another question there is not "power button" on Captor X - so if I would...
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    Captor X and 16 Ohm cab.

    Hi everyone. Please help me to understand. If I use Captor X on MID and LOW attenuation level - we it be impedance mismatch with 16Ω cab? I mean I understand if I turn off load (switching to FULL) then definitely yes, and as I understood from article from Two Notes - it's safe if it's one step...