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    Protone Dino Cazares Overdrive Pedal

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    Has anyone used a JJ ecc83MG (medium gain) in a Peavey 5150?

    Interested in hearing from actual users of the JJ ecc83MG in high gain amps. I know it lowers the gain. What are the sound characteristics of this tube? Is is tight in the bass like the regular JJ ecc83? What are the mids/treble like in comparison?
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    Who got rid of ground loop hum in a Peavey 5150 and how?

    Anyone find any devices that actually eliminated ground loop hum and without sound degradation? Hum is only present when my effects loop is engaged. A constant droning low volume hum in the backgroung that does not change in volume regardless of amp volume. Isp decimator II noise gate doesn't...
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    Seymour Duncan Custom Tb-5 vs Black Winter?

    Has anyone compared a Duncan custom to a black winter in the same guitar? What were the differences? They would be going into a mahogany body, maple neck with trem. Standard E tuning.