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    Tone difference between vh4 stereo and mono

    So I know what the physical differences between the stereo and monos are as well as the tubes and circuit. But, does anyone have any experience with both amps that can explain the difference in tone? If any... thanks!
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    Need help with American voltage!

    Hey guys! I’m proud to say that I am the new owner of, what I believe to be, a ‘95 blueface vh4S as the serial # is 006. The only problem is that it is hard-wired to 230v. After speaking to Peter and a few other people, I am under the impression that there is not a 120v tap from the main...
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    WTB: Diezel vh4 blueface

    Hey guys, I am on the hunt for a Diezel vh4 blueface. I have been looking for what seems like years now! Obviously I would prefer the original but I would also love the reissue as well! I understand the rarity of this amp but I also know that it is not worth $30k(reverb) and the reissue is not...
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    Blueface vh4

    Hey guys, so this might be a bit of a sore topic to some but I’m currently in search of a blueface vh4. Obviously I would prefer the original but I would also love to have a reissue as well! If anyone has one that they are willing to part with I’d love the opportunity to negotiate the...