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    Captor 8 Ohm XLR level

    I am wondering of the XLR output of the Captor 8 is a Line level signal or an Mic level signal? The reason I am asking is because my interface manual says "Do not connect a +4 (line level) XLR cable to the inputs (because of the preamps)."
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    Captor 8 into 2 8 Ohm cabs with attenuation?

    Hi all, New Captor 8 user here. I am absolutely loving this thing! I'm wondering if it's possible to hook up to two separate 1X12 8 Ohm cabs to the attenuated output of the Captor 8? I have two different Mesa Cabs, a mini Rectifier 1X12 and a Mesa Widebody 1X12 and both of them have a parallel...