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    Found some wild tones with a Fuzz War today.

    Fender Parallel Universe II Jazz Stratocaster > Fuzz War > UAD Diezel VH4 plug-in. One of the most interesting tones I’ve ever heard.
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    Surprise new pedal.

    My awesome wife surprised me with an Op amp big muff reissue. I had an original 1977 model that I had to sell to help fund my whore ex's business not to mention eating 10k in debt after the fact but thats another bitter story. Anyways this little pedal sounds pretty freakin close to my original.
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    When your dad gets drunk and hops on stage. (Diezel content)

    This is one of my all time favorite times on stage. He never got drunk at my shows and the one time he does he came up side stage and wanted us to play War Pigs. :ROFLMAO: This just ironically has to be one of my best sounding live amp clips too.
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    Sold close please

    $40 + 5 Shipping in the usa Paypal Image attached. Sounds killer.
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    NGD Christmas Haul

    The wife knocked it out of the park along with her mom. Surprisingly the UAD Diezels rip. My parents gave me $750 cash for something else to go with the studio gear. I'm thinking some used Genelec monitors.
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    Carstens Grace (Billy Corgan signature head)

    This thing freakin rips.
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    Clips of the new Parallel Universe Jazz Strat

    I noticed there we no high gain clips so here are a couple. gIU027AEN0M 5mZtJWR_5Kw
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    Birthday NGD! Fender USA Parallel Universe Jazz Strat

    I was NOT expecting a $2k strat for my birthday but my wife did some major ebaying secretly and hooked me up. She's 3 for 3 AWESOME guitar choices. This thing rips through my VH4. Low volume clip. The only high gain one on youtube. gIU027AEN0M
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    The wife got me an awesome 1yr anniversary present. Reverend

    Reverend BC-1 It rips through his old Diezel. NaMOKcZVreg LaNl3DDJIm8
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    Got a Terz for Christmas.

    Now i want the full size Corgan Reverend in Deep Sea Blue. This thing feels and sounds amazing. 21 1/2 scale.
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    FS: Line 6 HX Effects + Mission EP1-L6 Expression Pedal

    Sounds awesome. Got a newborn and need to knock some old debts out. $450 + shipping PPG USA only plz
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    Replacement backplate screws for 1998 VH4?

    I need some replacement screws for Billy Corgan's old head that i bought. Can i get them direct through Peter?
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    NGD: Yamaha Billy Corgan Signature acoustic

    Totally unexpected. It's amazing! Very balanced tone and the clarity is unbelievable.
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    FS: Heil PR-30B Mic

    Going through a divorce and need some cash. $150 shipped in the USA
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    #33 on the Billboard this week!

    Mainstream Rock Indicator chart ... ormatid=54 Didn't think i'd ever see that. I believe we're about to peak but it has been a crazy 11 weeks. It's time to decide a 2nd single to push. I'm thinking our song 727 if i can get a radio edit of it...
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    A song i wrote is charting.

    This was pretty awesome to see. I'm curious what week 2 has in store. Billboard and Foundation secondary radio charts. My ultimate goal is SiriusXM Octane. I really hope it keeps pushing it's way up. Here's the track for those of you that haven't heard it. Diezel Herbert and vintage big...
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    Vertical 2x12 cab?

    Any plans for one in the future? I'd love to have 1 on each side of a rolling head/rack case.
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    FS: Uptown Pedal Pusher 1x8 Guitar Splitter

    $130 shipped to USA Paypal gift
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    Woke up to a nice surprise from my guitar hero.

    Well, isn't this some fancy info? I guess Adam Jones went to Germany to get his???
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    360 Live video (Diezel VH4 + Hughes & Kettner trilogy)

    Video starts at 1:45. (I trimmed it but it hasn't applied yet) Our original Medicate and a cover of Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make You Love Me. madYFpwJFXQ