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    Tubes in a SE100

    One of my tubes in my SE100 (pre amp) has become microphonic so i wanted to replace the one that was bad of course but it got me thinking should i replace all the 12az7 with " high gain" ones or keep the factory specs? i reached out to Suhr and they said regular Chinese 12ax7 were spec. So would...
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    Mesa IIc+

    Is an original mesa IIc+ the same as the mark 5 IIc+ ? i have seen everyone wanting a IIc+ but the mesa mark 5 has the IIc+ ??? just wanting info.Thanks
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    Careron CCV clone?

    Does anyone know of a maker that does Cameron CCV clones? i looked a ceriatone king kong but some people say it was based off of a wrong ccv schematic ? I had a chance to buy a Mark Cameron HW CCV a few years ago and passed and now wish i would have picked it up. It was the one that Doug...
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    Trusted seller maxguitars

    I got a McNaught off him in new condition at a steal, fast shipping and great packing.
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    Great deals with maxguitars

    Great deals with Maxguitars, i got a McNaught off him in new condition fro a steal and super fast shipping and great packing, very easy to work with.