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    Any P90 Converts Here?

    I love p90s for rock and hard rock tones especially rhythm. What value and brand cap would y’all use for a p90 bridge with 500k pot? I’ve modded a guitar and wanna see if replacing the cap will help get a little extra.
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    Boosting with OD pedal: dumb question

    Like above I try and set the amp to ideal tone by itself. Then I try and get a pretty transparent bump from the pedal. The hardest part for me is trying to keep the amps feel intact so I usually run the level wherever it just starts to impact the amp. So that usually means the drive is very low...
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    NAD: Friedman Smallbox - Pretty impressive!

    It’s hard to describe but every Friedman amp I’ve played or owned has that great combo of grease and bounce. Tough to find a pedal that boosts and keeps the dynamics. I agree...if someone has a guitar that cleans up well they would never have to leave the BE channel.
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    NAD: Friedman Smallbox - Pretty impressive!

    Anyone tried the Buxom boost ? I’m thinking about adding one to hit the X amp a little harder. Friedman amps feel so awesome so I’m trying to find a boost or OD that keeps that right where it is.
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    KISS fans....come on in...

    I saw Kiss around 96-97. I wasn’t a huge fan but thought it would be fun. It was an awesome experience. I was a big Nirvana, PJ, STP, AIC fan at the time and it was very cool to see a band go absolutely all out for the fans. Everything in that show was about the audience having a good time. Had...
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    Delay and reverb pedal all-in-one?

    I’m looking also...what about boss rv-5 or 6?
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    Framus Phil X

    Nice I finally tracked one down. Really good guitar. Definitely a great take on the SG.
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    Best mini strat HB ?

    So seems like the chopper, hot rails and jb are good choices. I’ve never really liked the JB in humbucker despite years of trying. I guess it just works better for others. Just trying to get a STP/GnR type vibe
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    Best mini strat HB ?

    Anyone tried the SD Red Devil? Isn’t that supposedly real close to a true medium output HB ?
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    Best mini strat HB ?

    Got an interesting strat with a cool rails bridge I’d like to upgrade. I’m assuming all wiring is 250k. What’s a good replacement for better hard rock tones? I play mostly modded Marshall type amps.
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    Steve Vai has hand surgery

    He could have both hands removed and still play circles around me
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    Variac'd Superlead type amps; SL68, Helios, et al

    Thanks Its a cool feature just probably not as dramatic as some of the other amps mentioned
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    Variac'd Superlead type amps; SL68, Helios, et al

    Anyone know if the voltage switch on the Friedman Phil X acts like a true variac? I use it from time to time but it’s pretty subtle. Seems to add some compression but also seems to tame an overly bright guitar a bit. Amp is still tight and responsive, just less in the lower voltage setting.
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    P90 humbucker size

    Arcane px100...I think that’s the model. It’s the Phil X HB size P90. It’s not noiseless but is really a great pickup. It handles heavy stuff great and cleans up well. You’ll get a huge range of tones thru the whole range of the volume taper as long as your guitar has decent electronics.
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    Pete Thorns 12ax7 shootout

    For me I gotta get the stuff that matters the most right first. Get the guitar, amp, cab/speakers right then focus on the little things to maybe get a tad more out of it. I’ll spend extra money on a couple speakers before an expensive preamp tube.
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    Pete Thorns 12ax7 shootout

    I feel like tubes are a final tweak kinda thing. Biggest bang for the buck is always gonna be speakers. Once all the other stuff is right I might try a few in V1 but I’ve never heard huge differences...but I’ve never tried some of the more pricey ones either.
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    Friedman SS-100 Steve Stevens | VIDEO

    Lots of great amps but I can’t imagine many being better than the SS100. Just different flavors of awesomeness.
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    Modern Marshall JCM 800?

    I really like the Friedman Phil X. It’s got an 800 vibe with more gain and a few tone shaping features plus a great loop. I prefer it to a 2204 with an SD-1 but that combo is killer too.
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    Framus Phil X

    Anyone played the team built or D series ? They seem like cool rock guitars but very tough to find.