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  1. The Traveller

    Marshall 1960AV Transformation.

    Looks badass man!
  2. The Traveller

    JWP WCR American Steele Bridge $120 Shipped

    Does this pickup have a cover on it?
  3. The Traveller

    Talk about awful... someone's got an eKit!

    Crazy. I just got a Strike Pro kit this weekend. It was too good of a deal to pass up. I've always wanted to play the drums. I have 3 acoustic sets but I can't play them at the house. So I think this was a pretty good purchase.
  4. The Traveller

    Exotic cabinet coverings
  5. The Traveller

    NPD - BAT Pharaoh

    I love the Pharaoh for all things doom. But really it's just a great all around fuzz. I haven't tried the Quantum Mystic, but Mike's tone is always awesome. BAT makes some great pedals.
  6. The Traveller

    Reccomed me some 6550s

    I need to change the tubes in my Peters Gryphon and was thinking about trying some 6550s. I'm not really sure of what brand to get as it is a tube I've never used before. I want new manufactured stuff, I don't want to spend the money on NOS tubes. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  7. The Traveller

    Check this out, new metal done the old way...

    Killer stuff. Check this out if you like Jake era Ozzy, Dio, maybe a bit of old Queensryche and Fates Warning as well. Their album is out tomorrow. :rock: 1Lfn_EjgN9A
  8. The Traveller

    Seymour Duncan Recommendation Needed

    Howdy gents! I have a BC Rich Bich 10 string I'm going to send off to Neal Moser so he can work his magic on it. The stock pickups are crap in it. Very shrill. It has always been my plan to swap them out but I'm not sure what would be a good match with this guitar. I'm going to go with an SD of...
  9. The Traveller

    Bogner Uber Help

    Can anyone tell what revision this Uber is? ... 4d328758cb I asked the guy and he hasn't responded. I thought maybe one of you guys could tell.
  10. The Traveller


    Hold on to that USA made Peavey. ... /26124435/
  11. The Traveller

    Edwards LP question

    I'm about to swap out the electronics in my Edwards LP. Does anyone know if the guitar uses long or short shaft pots? I don't have the guitar here with me so I can't take a look for myself.
  12. The Traveller

    If I only had the cash...

    I would be all over this. or this.
  13. The Traveller

    Gear stolen: Columbus, Ohio

    Some friends had their rehearsal spaces robbed early Saturday. If you see any of the gear let me know asap and I"ll get the info to them. ... co-robbed/ List of gear: A. Yakuza Heart Attack Brat Curse – white Japanese Fender Mustang B. Struck By...
  14. The Traveller

    Humbucker sized P90s Recommendations

    I have an old beater guitar I'm thinking of fixing up. I would like to try something a little different and put some humbucker sized P90s in it. Anyone have and recommendations?
  15. The Traveller

    Mako Amps

    Hello! This is my first post here. I'm looking to buy an new amp. I'm thinking of an Engl Fireball but I just ran across the Mako amp page. They look well built and the sound samples sound pretty good. Have any of you had any experience with them? How do they sound in real life?