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  1. PBGas

    504 gateway errors?

    Anyone else experiencing 504 gateway errors when loading Rig-Talk? I’m only getting it here, not on any other sites. thanks to the folks that keep things running here! :rock:
  2. PBGas

    Snave - great guy to deal with!

    Just a big thanks to Snave for the deal on the new Mesa 6L6 Tubes. All arrived safe and sound north of the border in a weeks time. Excellent and reliable gent to deal with! Great stuff! :rock:
  3. PBGas

    Two-Notes Torpedo Cab M - SOLD!

    Hi Everyone, I have a Two-Notes Torpedo Cab M for sale. This unit is in excellent condition and includes the factory box, quick start manual, USB cable, and power adapter. Unit will be shipped double-boxed. More information on this product can be found at
  4. PBGas

    Friedman BE-OD Deluxe - SOLD

    Hi Everyone, I have a Friedman BE-OD Deluxe for sale. It is in perfect condition and includes the factory box, unused rubber footpads, factory 18V splitter cable and instructions. This is an outstanding sounding pedal! Pedal will be bubble wrapped and double boxed. Total for this...
  5. PBGas

    Free - String Swing wall mounts

    Hi Folks! Just a little way of giving back to our great Rig-Talk community. I am sure that there is someone out there who would make good use of these! I would have kept using them as they are great but I have run out of wall space and now have angled mounts for my guitars. These are the...
  6. PBGas

    Cab M connection issues

    Anyone else having connections issues via bluetooth with their Cab M units? Mine was working perfectly for a couple of hours and then nothing. Very frustrating. I reset both iPad and cab. Reset for a new pin. The app notes that it has found my cab and then tries but won't pair with it...
  7. PBGas


    Hi Everyone, I have a Torpedo Cab for sale. Unit is in perfect condition and has midi as well! Unit is clean, has all original packaging, USB cable, power adapter, and full manual. SOLD Please PM me if you would like it.
  8. PBGas

    Torpedo Captor 8ohm for sale! Great price!

    Hi Friends, I have a Torpedo Captor 8ohm for sale for an outstanding price! It has been used exactly 4 times. It was used by my rhythm guitarist/lead singer for his setup. He has been borrowing my cab unit more as he is running out of his board to FOH instead of his amp. Unit is in perfect...
  9. PBGas

    DP-OD pedal

    Hi Dave, Any news on when this great new pedal will be available? Can’t wait to get one! :rock:
  10. PBGas

    Two-Notes Torpedo Studio - SOLD!

    Hi Friends, I have a Two-Notes Torpedo Studio for sale at a great price! Probably will not see one at this price ever again. The unit is just over a year old. It is in mint condition, comes with all factory documentation, factory USB and power cables and works perfect! This is a pro...
  11. PBGas

    Charvel “Dinky” body ?

    A question about the Charvel “Dinky” body. Is it a really noticeable size difference from the regular Fender strat body? I’ve been led to believe that it is like 7/8’s of the size? I really wasn’t looking to get a smaller-bodied guitar. I’d buy and EBMM if I wanted that. I’m looking...
  12. PBGas

    Bogner Wheat grill headshell for Sale! Great deal!

    Hi Folks, This is from my previous XTC head. Shell is in great condition and also has the backplate. It ships in an original Bogner box with foam guards. The headshell has a small mark on the top but is really not that noticeable. This one has the nice rhino tolex on it. $150 shipped...
  13. PBGas

    Awesome Deal McLeanAB

    Adam was an awesome guy to deal with! Swapped a couple of Creambacks for English V30s. Super happy and fantastic gent to deal with! :rock:
  14. PBGas

    Two-Notes Noise Factory cab question

    Hi Guillaume, Andy, et al.... Just a quick question....for a pile of my recordings I have been using the Noise Factory cab that I purchased quite some time back from La Boutique called Bog SC by Noise Factory. It's a Bogner 212SC or known as the stacked cab. Truly one of the best 212s out...
  15. PBGas

    XTC Power tube issue

    Hi Folks, My 5A fuse blew this morning when I was firing up the amp from standby to on. I replaced the fuse and only turned the amp on and left the standby off. I noticed that one of the middle Winged C tubes had no lights on it so it is done, no question. I have a spare pair of Ruby...
  16. PBGas

    LaBoutique - possible bug?

    I've been having some strange issues with LaBoutique. Not sure if anyone else has had this happen? When in the online mode, if you suddenly quit the program without exiting, the EQ setting that I have pre-set and saved on my selected cabinet suddenly shuts off. I have to go back into the...
  17. PBGas

    New Boss Waza amp

    Interesting! But not so sure on how much I like how it sounds based on that demo.
  18. PBGas

    Huge thanks to Andy @ Diffusion Audio

    Normally I don't do this but when someone helps you out and goes above and beyond the call of duty, it really makes a statement about how they treat their customers and how they value them. I usually deal in a lot of guitar and studio gear from various retailers. I had previously had a...
  19. PBGas

    Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet with the Torpedo Studio NEW CABS

    Uber 30 is a great sounding cab! It really records well! I've tried the 75 as well and liked it also. Nicely done, Reza!
  20. PBGas

    Updating P-101 to WOS-III

    Hi Guillaume and Andy, Just a question for you...I've tried searching for this in the forum. Was their any provision to update from the P-101 to WOS-III and continue to use the cabinets that were in the original program that I got? I'm wanting to get rid of the iLok as I have no need for it...