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  1. stephen  sawall

    Delete OT ?

    Curious what people's opinion on the topic. Should Off Topic be removed completely from Rig Talk ?
  2. stephen  sawall

    Fryette Classic XXX

    Looks like they are making a 30th anniversary edition. One of my favorite poweramp.
  3. stephen  sawall

    MESA Mark IV getting Mark IIC+ sounds.

    Any other advice on this topic beyond my question more than welcome... Usually I prefer the bass heavy / slower attack voice of the IV over the IIC+. Lately I'm trying to get my IV Lead channel close to a IIC+ sound. Switches on the back are set to - TRIODE SIMUL-CLASS HARMONICS Front is...
  4. stephen  sawall

    McDonald's Big Mac

    First three or four bites are awesome....the rest is pretty uneatable.
  5. stephen  sawall

    Standard or Oversized 4x12 ?

    Curious what cabs people prefer ?
  6. stephen  sawall

    Herbert or VH4 ???

    What one do you prefer and why ? Feel free to add any other Diezel to the discussion.
  7. stephen  sawall

    DOD Boneshaker

    Anyone have experience with this pedal ? What did you think ?
  8. stephen  sawall

    Elly Guitar Co.... Ripping People Off

    A friend of mine tells me they ripped him off and have done it to many other people.
  9. stephen  sawall

    What's your favorite pick Nylon, Ultex, Acrylic, Tortex ?

    I have been using nylon a lot of years. Lately I'm into tortex again. I tend to use Jazz III.
  10. stephen  sawall

    b.y.o.c. Crown Jewel Built is $220. Besides the Boost Modules mentioned... 1. Fuzz Module - modified silicon Fuzz Face taken from the Thomas Organ Fuzz Wah. 2. Octave Up Module - Green Ringer style octave up 3. Mimosa Module - Orange Squeezer style compressor 4...
  11. stephen  sawall

    Elektron Analog Drive - Anyone tried one of these yet?

    I'm very interested in this pedal also.
  12. stephen  sawall

    Friedman BE-OD Pedal Video and Playthru HERE.

    Seems like plenty of gain... Nice job Reze
  13. stephen  sawall


    Just played the JP2C with my LP and a Thiel Cab and it sounds great. Clean, crunch, lead all right there. I played it over two hours. I did not really turn it up because they were doing lessons there. But sounded great at medium volumes. I got a little short of band volume. The clean just...
  14. stephen  sawall

    Mesa Rectifier Boost / Overdrive

    Curious as to what you use or recommend ?
  15. stephen  sawall

    Something new from Fryette .....

    This looks very interesting to me ..... can not wait to plug in.... "Imagine a 1W amp with Pittbull/Deliverance approved overdrive. Variable dynamic sensing like the GP3 so you can dial in the Sig:X feel. A new design analog reactive, dynamic post EQ that sounds and feels like a mic'd speaker...
  16. stephen  sawall

    ESP Forum

    :yes: Anyone look at the ESP forum here ..... I have never seen this much spam .... viewforum.php?f=87
  17. stephen  sawall

    New Orange Amps...

    Two new amps from Orange .... ... m-shop-50/ ... el-or100h/ I really like the OR series .... looking forward to checking these out...
  18. stephen  sawall

    Guitar Center Going out of Business ? ... ar-center/ :no: If they do I would guess Fender & a few others might follow ...
  19. stephen  sawall

    OR50H - Master Volume or Attenuator ???

    On the OR50H is it a master volume or attenuator that is footswitchable ? What of these two does it have ? After looking at the manual it is not clear.... :confused: Thanks.....
  20. stephen  sawall

    Marshall & Clones....

    :)I have not owned a Marshall in years. My THD Series One Plexi is a NMV JMP style amp ..... But every Marshall I have ever plugged into sounds different. This amp by far is the best sounding amp I have ever heard. It does sound different in ways from any stock JMP I have plugged into. Usually...