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    NGD: 2018 LPC

    Scored this 2018 black and chrome off Craigslist, last owner put the Seymour Duncan slash set in it. It sounds really really good as is so I’m probably gonna leave the slash pups in there for the time being. Let me know if it’s a chiibson lol
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    PRS mt-15 sold

    Basically brand new, well call it excellent condition. Comes with the case and foot switch I haven’t taken out of the box even since I haven’t rehearsed or played out in what feels like forever lol Sold
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    Late NGD: Ltd Viper 1000 (with clip)

    Got this in a trade thinking I was gonna sell it but damn it it if isnt awesome. Way different guitar than I was expecting since I have never held a viper before this, I assumed it would be similar to an sg with the shape being what it is. Instead this guitar has a huge thick body and it hangs...
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    Fs/t Esp LTD Viper-1000

    Black 2015 ish made in Korea. In excellent condition with no wear or blemishes at all to show: Emg 81/85 Locking tuners Put back on the stock strap buttons No case Looking for 600 obo, we can discuss shipping. I’m in so-cal Will also trade/partial trade for guitars and high gain amps.
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    Fs/t Boss Katana Mk ii 100w head SOLd

    Excellent shape I haven’t taken it anywhere due to COVID. sold
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    Wtb: Ksr ares

    Changed my mind on the lpc market is way too high lol, hit me up if you want to make a deal for your small head! Might consider other 40w+ small form heads
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    Triple Rectifier clip (now with mark III comparison)

    Any constructive feedback is welcome as far as the guitar tone goes, this is a sm57 on a widebody thiele with the c90 recto and sm57 on evm left, creamback 75 right 4x12, mark iii
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    New Gear

    Stuff I have acquired over the last 2 months decided to do a quick (and I mean as fast as possible 1 take no processing lol) before work this morning. Clips are recorded on the km7 rhythm and the solo is the jlx 7. The Recto is a rev g triple on vintage, mark iii no stripe 105 tranny I got from...
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    Fs/t Black Arts Coven

    Badass pedal in excellent condition, just gonna try the hx effects route 260 pped and shipped
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    Hx effects vs pedalboard

    Which route would you go/ have you gone and why? I am debating between getting a few pedals for the loop (chorus, reverb, delay) or just getting the hx effects but I can’t decide.
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    FT: 1985 Mesa Mark III black dot GONE

    DRG. It’s in awesome condition, has a mark iic+ faceplate. Combo is walnut I think, has the c90 I’m looking for a HRG, Coliseum, Mark IV or a rectifier but feel free to offer up anything. I can add or accept cash depending on the deal. If you want to buy it shoot me an offer maybe I’d sell it...
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    Wtb: Mesa Mark short headshell

    If anyone has a line on one I’d greatly appreciate it
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    NAD Mesa Mark III

    Got this drg black dot “x” amp has a iic+ faceplate, sounds awesome idk what’s up with it but it’s definitely the best sounding black dot I’ve had by a country mile and as a bonus it’s in immaculate shape
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    WTB Schecter Cygnus 7

    Prefer the hip shot
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    WTB: Mesa Mark III Coliseum or HRG, Mark IV, Mesa Triple Rectifier, Road King II, Badlander 100

    Basically what the title suggests. Basically try to sell me your amp
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    FT: 2016 Mesa Dual Rectifier Sold

    Basically mint, vintage bordeux bronco tolex, black face, nicer handle. Comes with foot switch and cable, hang tags and manual. I’m looking for a mark iii or a badlander 100, we can talk cash on my end of course if it fits the deal. If you’re looking for a prime reborn and want to get a great...
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    Where is the spot to buy tubes these days

    I haven’t bought new tubes in quite a while, what do you guys recommend?
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    NAD and NPD, Mesa and BAT

    I have been kinda out of the GAS game for a couple years and have just been jamming the Boss Katana 100 but just picked up a Recto Reborn from gc used for a score and it showed up mint with custom headshell options... looks sweet. I had a pharaoh and wanted a fuzz so I grabbed a coven that has...
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    Wtb: Black Arts Coven, Witch Burner, Maxon st9+

    As the title suggests. Also any od808 I might want for a good deal.
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    WTB: Mesa Mark III

    Prefer geq, let me know what you got