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  1. Texhex

    Dual/Triple Rec. Multi-Watt or Badlander 100

    I have a 50W 5153 and a 90W Mark V and am considering a Dual/Triple Rec Multi-Watt or a Badlander 100. The rectifier sounds more like what I would want but, and I hate to admit it, that Badlander 100 is growing on me. I worry that the rectifier might to be too flubby and scooped but boosted it...
  2. Texhex

    King Diamond Live (produced video)

    This guy still hits the high notes. Didn't know if anyone else posted, may be a dupe.
  3. Texhex

    Driftwood Darkest Nightmare

    Big monies I'm sure...
  4. Texhex

    Mark V Extreme 10ish Years Ago

    Stumbled onto these tonight, thought I'd share. The Slayer flag waving in the background is a nice touch. ddOsZ1AttZA 51_sfD8tCgo Guess I'll keep practicing... ;)
  5. Texhex

    Suhr Reactive Load vs. Two Notes Captor Sound Test

    Yeah I"m bored today so... These are really pretty close but the Captor sounds more harsh to me. The SRL feels like more of a professional recording piece of gear while the Captor is less so. dyXkBlvkXAs
  6. Texhex

    Suhr Reactive Load vs. Two Notes Captor - Fan Noise

    The Suhr Reactive Load fan noise is substantially quieter than the Captor. SRL build quality is also very impressive, so far I'm really liking this thing. FE0CoIzWyk8
  7. Texhex

    5150 iii 50W vs Kemper vs FM3

    I finally received the FM3 and decided to put it up against the Kemper and real amp. A reamped track was used for all of these and recorded through the Two Notes Captor using the same IR with a high cut at 8300. The FM3 controls were set to exactly match the settings on the amp including the...
  8. Texhex

    Diezel VHX $4899

    Oh boy.
  9. Texhex

    Kemper and EVH Combo

    Brought the EVH Combo home and decided to try something different. 5150 iii is a total value, wish this one had the concentric pots. Anyway it's a blast of an amp. Stereo Wet: Kemper profile of the EVH Combo 5150 iii Red Channel -> Matrix GT1600FX (Randall cab Left / Marshall cab Right)...
  10. Texhex

    Create Kemper Profiles with a Two Notes Captor, DI & IR

    Posted this a few other places too but thought I'd post it here too. You can use a Two Notes Captor (or any Reactive Load with a DI Output) and an Impulse Response (IR) loader in your DAW to act a a cab for making Profiles with your Kemper. I used Reaper and Helix Native as an IR loader but...
  11. Texhex

    Soldano v Friedman v Mesa Rec3 Rev G v Mark V v Marshall DSL

    Repost? Couldn’t find this one posted here. LBrhovx30lM
  12. Texhex

    SOLD Two Notes 8 Ohm Captor $220

    Two Notes 8 Ohm Captor Purchased last month with an Amazon gift card and they can't return the money to my PayPal. Selling because it is no longer needed, however I did register the WoS software, which you can download for free and buy the cabs you would actually want. Pet free, smoke free...
  13. Texhex

    J-MOD 100 Musician's Friend Reviews, Hilarious!

    Posted this over on the Marshall amp forums a few weeks ago. Check out the reviews on this amp on Musicians Friend. These must have slipped by the editors. Hilarious! ... od&index=1
  14. Texhex

    Two Notes Captor with Line 6 Helix Native

    Does anyone know if it's possible to use a Two Notes Captor in conjunction with Helix Native? Can the Captor replace the amp and cab blocks in Helix Native?