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    Peavey VTM 120 for sale on CL

    I know some of you guys dig these. Just came across the add and thought I'd share.
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    Mesa Boogie Roadster Combo Conversion

    Did another combo converesion on a Roadster. I'm not sure what's wrong with me. Frustrates the hell put me! It's not perfect but turned out pretty well! Working on the combo cab to turn it into a matching closed back 2x12.
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    FSOT : Axe Fx II xl plus with MFC 101 MKIII

    I have an in excellent condition Axe II Xl plus and MFC101 MK III controller. Loaded with Austin Buddy Dream Rig Pack. $1500 shipped. Could be interested in working out trade for an UA OX etc.
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    WTB : 7 string pickup set

    Looking for set of 7 string pickups. Guitar is an Ibanez J Custom. Mahogany body, maple top, maple neck with ebony board. Currently loaded with PAF 7's. I don't hate them but I'm looking for something a little hotter with tighter lowend. Not sure what but perhaps some mine here more versed in 7...
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    Pair of NOS Siemens STR 450

    I have an in excellent condition matched pair of Mesa Boogie branded NOS Siemens STR 450's. Probably about 4 hours of play time. I just don't have use for a pair. $120 shipped.
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    FSOT: Mesa Boogie Roadster

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    Pickups Suhr/BKP/SD/Dimarzio

    I have a few pickups for sale. All bridge pickups are F spaced. All pickups are 4 conductor. All pricing includes shipp BKP Sinner neck and middle black and white covers. $150 Suhr Aldrich Set $150 Seymour Duncan Distortion(Sold) Seymour Duncan Jazz N (Sold) Suhr SSH+ white and Zebra $70...
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    Dimarzio Pickup suggestions for EBMM JP15

    Just picked up a JP15. I'm not a big fan of the Illuminator pickups. Seems quite bland and have some odd frequencies. Unfortunately, these pickups are built custom fields r these guitars with a quick connect system similar to emgs. So, I'm kinda of stuck using Dimarzio's. Dimarzio will add...
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    Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Rev #006

    Got to jam a Rev C Dual Rectifier today. Put it head to head with a Rev G Triple loaded with KT88's and Rev G Racktifier. The Rev C was the clear winner! Man, very aggressive and articulate. Anyone else ever had a chance to check a Rev C?
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    I have a friend looking to buy a US San Dimas Body with floyd rose cut . Looking for factory paint open to color options. Not interested in MIM. Thanks!
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    New Song (Scratch) Track

    So I started a new original project a couple months ago. Things were going well and I was having fun jamming! Unfortunately, our drummer had some medical issues come up that is taking him out of the game for a couple months. But the rest of the guys and I were inspired and wanted to keep...
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    As the title states. Looking to buy a Road King or Roadster or Mark V . Looking for a fair deal. Let me know what you have ! Thanks.
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    I have an excellent condition Blue Stripe DRG. Recently fully serviced cap job has the R2 Mod and C30 mod. Looking to trade towards a Road King or Mark V. It started its life as a combo. There two options for head shells. Value $1400
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    Mesa Boogie Mark III combo cab re-purpose!!

    So I picked up a couple Mark III combos over the last month. A Blue Stripe DRG and a No Stripe HRG. Awesome amps! Anyways, I also picked up some head shells and converted them. I have two empty combo cabs that intended on trying to sell. It occurred to me there probably isn't a big market...
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