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  1. danyeo

    I'm going to gig tonight with my Mark II Coliseum because..

    Hopefully our fucking nazi Democratic Ahole Gov in NJ opens up the state soon. 2 week lockdown turned into a damm year. Clubs have closed, and I haven’t gigged in a year!
  2. danyeo

    Mesa Mark IV price check

    A few years ago I bought a MINT Mark IV B version head and a MINT OS 4x12, all for $800. The guy on Craigslist said it sat in his garage for years, he just wanted it gone. I did sell both for a total of around $1500.
  3. danyeo

    Scumback Moving Sale...June 2021

    But Oh, so many liberals tell me it's the"model" state. Sure some model, homeless everywhere, taxes through the roof, and more taxes, insane gas prices. My state is only slightly better but if liberals are in charge, bend over and pay up. And yes as predicted with Biden it's getting worse. Keep...
  4. danyeo

    George Lynch WTF?

    I wonder if playing the heavy strings caused his arthritis. He was 35 when he died, kinda young to have arthritis isn't it?
  5. danyeo

    I think I hate the AXE FX III.

    I saw Devin Townsend live a few years ago. Not a cabinet to amp on the stage, they were going Axe-Fx direct to the PA. His guitar tone was simply incredible, loud as shit, heavy as hell, it was just awesome. Of course Gojira and Opeth also sounded awesome that night and they were using amps...
  6. danyeo

    I think I hate the AXE FX III.

    The FM3 into a 2:90 sounded, after a bit of tweaking, just about exactly the same as Mesa Mark V. I haven't heard anything from the QC that would make me want to dump the FM3 yet but the interface does look awesome. Of course just FX, Fractal is unbeatable. Well shall see how the GC evolves, it...
  7. danyeo

    Yngwie Shreeding on a 1959 Les Paul

    I mean Jesus H Christ!!!! He was soo awesome at 19 or 20. Some are just born with it.
  8. danyeo

    NAD: Mesa Mark IV - service

    Mike B told me if the caps blow the cost to clean up the amp and get them replaced was around $600! Yikes. He said when the caps blow they make a huge mess all over the board which is a pain in the ass to clean. And that $600 probably doesn’t cover the shipping to and from Cali from wherever you...
  9. danyeo

    Warren's great tone is coming from the EVH Stealth?

    The player is more important than the gear.
  10. danyeo

    Talk me out of the AXE FX III

    There's plenty of guys out there still using an AX8 or Axe-2. Nobody is forcing you to dump it and buy an FM3 or Axe-3. How many people sold their old Marshall Plexi's when the JVM came out? If it works for you and it's not broke don't sell it.
  11. danyeo

    Talk me out of the AXE FX III

    First thing when using a Mark series amp as a power amp is don't use the amp's 5 band EQ and just use the clean channel but watch the presence. I went back and fourth a lot and only was I happy when I really couldn't tell which was which. When I first tried it with the amp's 5 band EQ on it...
  12. danyeo

    Talk me out of the AXE FX III

    Here’s my story. I’ve been a Mesa user for years, last few years I was using Mark IV and V’s. Love how they sound but always wanted more versatility and reliability. I had a Mark V fail on me in the middle of a show, really pissed me off. Anyway, my last Mark amp was another V and I bought an...
  13. danyeo

    OPINION: Newer Charvels are not very good. Neither are SD JBs

    MIM guitars in general are play before you buy. Sooo many of them have fret sprout! I had one a few months ago but sold it to someone here, that one was pretty solid, played and sounded good. I kinda trust Korean made guitars more than Mexico since some of the Schecters I've played from Korea...
  14. danyeo

    UPS broke a 2:90 I shipped.

    Update. I won the case!!! The guy had the return case opened but never responded to any messages I sent him so I escalated the case. I was busy contacting EBay in chats or having them call me. Basically it came down this, 2 weeks ago I just accepted that I would send this guy a pre paid label...
  15. danyeo

    Who's got the quad cortex?

    Or grab a B stock FM3 for $899 when they’re available.
  16. danyeo

    Who's got the quad cortex?

    Amp in the room from a modeler means running it through a tube power amp section on a real cabinet. I’ve tried frfr with different modelers in a band setting and disliked every second of it!
  17. danyeo

    ebays new payment man!!!?

    Gotta love all their fee’s! Total Sales: $412.42USD Total Processing Fees: -$12.38USD Total Selling Fees: -$19.30USD Total Tax Remitted: -$26.42USD Total Shipping Label Fees: -$13.49USD
  18. danyeo

    A Wall of Sound with a Modeler?

    I read a lot, watched a lot of videos, asked for lot's of advice, and decided the Friedman ASM was probably the closest thing to a real cabinet. Bought one, put an FM3 through it against an FM3 through a tube power amp section on a Mesa Traditional 4x12........sold the Friedman a few days later...
  19. danyeo

    ebays new payment man!!!?

    I’ve been trying for days to get a live person on the phone! They are fucking useless! Reverb is only slightly better.
  20. danyeo

    Celestion Creambacks. G12H-75

    Thanks, I forgot I had an older thread. A Gear Pager who I was supposed to meet this morning to sell 2 speakers to, backed out this morning. So I still have everything but I removed the speakers from the 4x12. I just want $100 per speaker so $400 for the whole 4x12.