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  1. WyvernClaw

    NGD: Diezel VHX and 412 FV

    I've had the VHX for about 4 months now, I've probably raved enough about it in other threads already so I'll spare another long winded assessment of it unless someone is really curious about my thoughts. However, the cab just showed up today and I never made any sort of proper NGD post about...
  2. WyvernClaw

    Diezel VHX Mute Function Issue

    Hey there, new here. I just received a VHX from Germany. I live in Canada, so I'm using a 120/230 step up converter to run it. It turns on just fine, I checked all power tubes were properly seated before I plugged it in. But when I play a note, the mute function keeps cutting in and out, it...