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    WTB: Something from anthonymarc567

    Whatcha got?
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    Bogner Ecstasy salt & pepper grill

    Replace that dingy and stale tan Ecstasy grill with the newer salt & pepper grill. Perfect shape 2012, replaced with a metal grill. Includes mounting screws. $75 shipped.
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    Hardwire CR-7 and MXR MC401

    PM for more intimate photos... 1) Hardwire CR-7: ($50 shipped) No velcro applied. Comes with original box, instructions, velcro sheet and 'glow in the dark' pedal sticker 2) MXR MC401: ****SOLD**** Velcro applied (easily removed). Just pedal. No box, etc...
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    Get your pickups here...

    Finally listing my unused pickups. Bulk photo shot. Listed ohms are my multimeter? PM me if you'd like additional detailed pics of any of these... 1) Duncan antiquity Texas hot neck and RWRP middle: ($135 shipped for both. $67.50 per) Signed by SD. Both with original box...
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    Friedman Runt 20 hum?

    Friedman Runt 20 started to hum. Like 60 cycle. Replaced all the tubes, but still there. Any ideas/suggestions?
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    Is the Cusack Screamer true bypass?

    I'd like to try one, but I need it to be buffered bypass....
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    Bad Cat Unleash V1 $250 shipped

    Bad Cat Unleash V1 with it's power cable, speakon cable, and hookup instructions. I used this for an effects loop and 2nd master volume with my stock 2204. Works great. Helps bring up the volume as well.
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    WTB Gower mod

    Before I submit a build order, figured I'd check to see if any were available much quicker and closer?
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    High gain or low gain 12AX7 for cathode follower?

    Does it matter? Does it have any effect on tone? Balanced tube better?
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    Wrong choke?

    Looking inside my '14 BE-100, I noticed the choke is a Mercury Magnetics part #JT45C-74. According to MM website, this is a 50 watt choke? Other BE-100 owners seem to have different chokes? 1) I didn't think Dave liked MM transformers? 2) Why would I have a 50 watt rated choke? 3) Should I...
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    Koko or Buxum boost for hitting front end of BE100?

    Which do you like for greasing up the front end of a BE100? Or maybe something else, like an echoplex preamp to make it nice and fluid?
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    Bias boxes on effects loop board?

    I have two blue bias boxes located on the effects board of my '14 BE100. What are those for, and how should they be adjusted?
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    Creamback swap? Or purchase?

    I have a nicely warmed up 16 ohm creamback 75 that I'd love to swap for a creamback 65? Or I'll purchase if the price is right?
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    Bridge pickups. WCR Godwood & PRS HFS

    1) Very aged raw-nickel WCR Alnico V, Godwood. No artificial wear, just had it in a LP for years. I think I ordered either double cream, or zebra, but don't recall. Ordered new in 2011. Cover has never been off. Measures 9.84k on my multi. 15" of lead. $110 shipped. 2) '90's era PRS...
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    Way to thicken and loosen leads?

    Out last night with the BE100 again and realized I have the most satisfying clean and rythm crunch's but when I go into leads it sounds thinner than I'd like. I don't want to lug a W/D rig around, and already have delay running, but is there any pedal that can give that thick, chewy, bottom...
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    Cheap SLO alternative thoughts?

    So I have a 101B, BE100, and stock '82 JCM 800. I have an empty shelf in my amp rack that I'm thinking about throwing something on. I randomly grab an amp and speaker type for a gig and really enjoy adjusting/adapting to the different amps at the beginning of the night. (Last night 101b...
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    Who's using the SAT switch live?

    I keep going back/forth
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    I need a laugh...

    What happened to that old evh thread where everyone was pasting his face on things? Can't seem to find it. I recall laughing my ass off paging thru that. Hope it's not gone. Could use that right about now...
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    Bogner20th XTC hum on "OLD" setting

    This is a quote from the XTC manual: "Further left on the rear panel, you'll find the Old/New style switch. This control functions as a pentode/triode selector. In "new" position, the Ecstasy's power section is operating in pentode, which means all elements within the power tubes are working...
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    MXR Carbon Copy Bright?

    Anyone try one? Considering it in front of my 2204...