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    SOLD: 2007 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Up for sale is my 2007 Gibson Les Paul Standard in Desert Burst. It has some general playwear (very shallow ding on the back of the neck, nitro around the headstock is a little visible, very shallow ding in the neck). Otherwise it is in excellent shape and overall I would rank as very good...
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    ESP Eclipse II Standard

    Hey all, In the spirit of continued spring cleaning I am putting up my ESP Eclipse II Standard. Overall it is in very good shape--it has a very small nick on the back of the neck and some typical playing wear on the guitar (I tried to photograph everything as best as possible to highlight...
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    SOLD: Fender American Professional Stratocaster

    Up for sale is a 2017 Fender Stratocaster American Professional Series. It comes with the hardshell case. Case candy included. The guitar sounds and plays great. It is in very good condition with some light surface swirl/playing marks on the back and pick guard but not below the surface and not...
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    Sold: 2018 Gibson SG Custom

    Hey all, Link to Pics Putting up my Gibson SG Custom. I believe it is from 2018, it is ebony, and it is a killer guitar. Plays like butter, fantastic low action, nice comfortable neck, great light weight. Loaded with the standard 498t/490r pickups, richlite fretboard. No dings I could see. I...
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    SOLD: Cameron Aldrich Modded Marshall 2203X

    Hey All, Continuing to thin out amps. Cameron Aldrich Mod 2203 reissue. It’s got a gain knob on the front (replacing the bottom input jack), a toggle on the back for gain voicing, a tight/loose toggle, and a knob for depth and a knob for voice. Pretty versatile amp from a voicing perspective...
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    SOLD: Wizard MCII KT150

    Hey All, Up for sale is my Wizard Modern Classic II KT150. This is the blacked out head version, 150 watt power supply and loaded with KT88's. This thing sounds excellent, but, I have 3 Wizards currently and am clearing out a lot of gear that is redundant for me. This does not have a scratch on...
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    SOLD: PRS DGT Private Stock

    Hey All, Thinning more guitars out. Had to make a list of gear last night for insurance and realize I just have too much stuff lol. Link to album at the bottom. This is a Private Stock DGT. It was displayed at the 2013 PRS experience. The color is Aqua Violet, but the blue has faded out making...
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    Did a deal for a CAA PT100 with ibenhad. Great communications, nice guy, shipped the head like it was going to be shot out of a cannon. Don't hesitate to do a deal.
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    Did a trade with John4021. Really good guy, great communication, great packing. Trades can always be kind of sketch but trade/buy/sell with confidence. A+
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    SOLD: Kauer Banshee.

    Hey all, I am putting some feelers out there on my Kauer Banshee. This is the coolest Banshee I have ever seen. The tag on this guy was 4,500 when I bought it about a year ago. It has legitimately an hour on it. It hurts to put this up because the thing is art. I just could not get the hang of...
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    Sold: VHT/Fryette Ultra-Lead with GEQ

    Hey All, I am in the middle of the great amp purge of 2021 and am putting up my 2005 VHT Ultra-Lead. It is badged as a Fryette. Comes with the footswitch. It is in overall very good shape. The corner bumpers have some scrapes on it. On one side the tolex has extremely minor small rubs...
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    Gone: Cornford MK50

    Hey All, Up for sale is a Cornford Mk 50 (first version, single channel with boost) and footswitch. The thing is in incredible shape. I got it, love it, but just have too many other amps I want to try. Tolex has very minor flaws (small rip on the rear and a couple scrapes (but no tears) on the...
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    Gone: PRS Archon 100 Watt Price Reduced

    Hey All, Putting my PRS Archon 100 watt with footswitch. It is incredibly minty. Not a mark on it and in excellent mechanical shape. Sounds heavy. I have, unfortunately, too many amps that cover very similar ground so this one is going up. I always so no trades but we all know how that...
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    Got one: Wizard KT75 or KT150

    Hey all, Was looking for a wizard with a KT power section. Found one now. Thanks!
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    WTB: CAA PT100

    Hey all. Looking for a CAA PT100. If you have one let me know. Thanks!
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    Moving the remainders over to individual posts.
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    SOLD: KSR Artemis II

    Hey All, Up for sale is a KSR Artemis II from 2014. It is in fantastic condition cosmetically and mechanically. I believe there is a small surface scratch on the very top of the unit (not on the face plate, on the top side, the depth is incredibly minimal), otherwise it is all good. I emailed...
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    WTB: ESP Eclipse

    Hey All, I’m looking for an ESP eclipse. If you have one let me know. I’m particularly looking for one with the set-thru neck (without a heel joint). Japanese or USA shop doesn’t matter. Not really looking for E-II or LTD. Thanks!
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    WTB: VHT/Fryette Ultra Lead

    Hey All, I’m looking for a VHT/Fryette Ultra Lead. The only caveats are it has to have a graphic EQ And it can’t be one of the models from the year(s) they messed with the preamp tube configuration and PI tubes before putting it back. Otherwise all good. If you have one shoot a message. Thanks.
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    Rack preamp switching systems

    Hey All, I have a few rack preamps (CAA 3+SE, Bogner Fish, Matchless GPR-1, Demeter TGP-3), and am looking for a system to easily switch channels on each unit. I just play at home and don't need a floor switch, so even a rack mount switch with a button on the rack is fine. I was looking at a...