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  1. gtrjunior

    "Boost" in front of your Nitro?

    I made it!!!! Let the mayhem begin. Lol!!!
  2. gtrjunior

    Splawn "Master Volume".. what do you do?

    Do you notice any tone suck from this device? I’ve seen them for sale on eBay for short money and always wondered how well they worked.
  3. gtrjunior

    Lets see your Splawns and get some dialog started here.

    Old pic but here’s my QR
  4. gtrjunior

    "Boost" in front of your Nitro?

    I boost my QR with a Friedman Buxom Boost. It’s pure magic.
  5. gtrjunior

    Issues posting from iphone

    For some reason I vant post to this forum from my phone. No issues with any other forums. I just get a blank screen.
  6. gtrjunior

    Post count for classifieds

    I get that you want actual legit members only , to be posting ads but I'm in the market to buy a cabinet and it seems that I can't respond to any ads unless I post 50 posts. I understand that for sellers but it's a bit much for buyers...