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  1. Tone Monster

    Mesa Mark IV price check

    Seems like they’re all around 2k! Been years since I looked at them...have they really gone up that much?
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    I think I hate the AXE FX III.

    Could be user error....but doubt it. It’s ok but still has all the shortcomings of a modeler IMO. The plastic-ish crispy highs, hollow mids etc. BTW I’m only talking high gain. Cleans are there 100%.
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    Clip: Axe FX III Black Album

    Did riffs from each song. Tried to do left channel for one bar the. Right for stereo. I think the tone is in this box somewhere lol. Between endless IRs and tweaking surely it’s in the box somewhere?!? I’m a tweaker so this is fun. Needs a bit more girth and a little less crispies. Any...
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    Pulling the trigger on a Wizard MC25

    Fuck it. Unless y’all talk me into a 50 watt.
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    NAD: Axe FX III

    Only got to spend an hour or so with it. Sounds pretty good so far but can’t wait to really dive deep. Here’s a quick iPhone clip Metallica of Wolf and man using the USA IIC++ model. Just hooked up to some cheap ass JBL monitors.
  7. Tone Monster

    Talk me out of the AXE FX III

    I’m just a bedroom heck who never gigs. I like recording and chasing other tones. I currently have a Kemper and Mark V:25. I want one but at the same time feel like I’m gonna be let down. What say you?
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    Do you think modelers will get there in the next 10 years?

    They’ve come along way and are oh so close but they just aren’t there. Do you think they will ever get there and if yes when?
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    Korg DTR-1000 Digital Tuner

    $50 shipped. Good condition sans some rack rash
  10. Tone Monster

    This riff is so dirty...(Merrow) 0:45 in. Its a few years old now...that first heavy riff is so damn good it hurts. :rock: :rock: :rock:
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    Does anyone know the status of tone

    Site won’t load anymore.
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    At Metallica right now....(AXE FX)

    Their AXE FX tone sounds like mushy shit. Obviously could be the venue’s really bad though. Mud city. :no: EDIT: I'll have to say its the venue.....sounds pretty decent here... :confused:
  13. Tone Monster

    NAD: Mesa Mark V 25

    Holy smokes what an amazing amplifier. I really can’t believe how good the tone is out of this little thing. It’s like the black album in a box. If you are or have been on the fence about one of these don’t hesitate. I’m sort of speechless. And for what it’s worth, I’ve owned every mark series...
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    Which decade had the best guitar tones overall?

    Well? I say the 90’s. Lots of analog studio stuff still in use probably contributed to recorded tones.
  15. Tone Monster

    Slayer quits ... 46516.html Finally. I realize they are respected but not really sure why. Weak satanic lyrics and vocals combined with Turkey fight solos. Never understood the allure. :thumbsdown:
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    What level of guitar playing to you consider yourself to be?

    I'll make up the categories for this silly thread! :lol: :LOL: 1. beginner 2. average 3. above average 4. advanced 5. expert Personally, this has always been tricky in my mind as I don't have any "real life" guitar buddies. I'm a big Metallica can and really enjoy playing rhythm mainly...
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    Metallica just announced new album in November...

    and played the intro track and it was FUCKING AWESOME :rock: :rock: :rock: edit: song title "Hardwired"
  18. Tone Monster

    What is the darkest song you know?

    I know that's a vague question, but I mean dark, evil, or provoking. I don't mean, some death metal shit about putting a hammer through someone's face. That's not scary at all. It's just cheesy .
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    What is the best way to fully protect yourself when selling?

    Is the only true way to only accept money orders or cashiers checks? I'm scared to death of the latest paypal policy change.
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    Who here has tinnitus?

    I've had the high pitched kind for years now. Really doesn't bother me too much. But recently I've developed the low pitch rumble/18 wheeler throttle kind. OMG its driving me fucking nuts. It wakes me up around 3 am every morning. It stops for the most part during the day but always...