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    Soon to be new Les Paul owner question.

    .007-.038, down a full step. Arthritis is a bitch.
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    Suhr SL67

    Didn't this sell on TGP last week?
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    Bray 50w head, local sale, Seattle-Portland

    Footswitchable dual PPIMV's, gain and voicing options, mint shape. I'm including a Studio Slips cover, homebrew heavy duty footswitch, and power cable. $1600 cash-in-hand/face-to-face sale.
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    Let's hear some gig stories!

    1996, Doo Wop Diner, Shelton, WA. Both below at the same gig. 1. Other guitarist birthday. Bass player asks the door guy to find a chic to flash birthday boy in the middle of a solo. About 3 songs into the next set, a 300 pounder stands in front of him and the lets the watermelons out. He just...
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    please delete

    Decided to sell the Bray locally and not deal with shipping & PayPal. Check Seattle CL for more info.
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    loose center post inside a 1960B

    Picked up a very well used/toured JCM900 cab from the original owner yesterday. He bought it new and said the back has never been off. I just popped the back off this morning to verify everything was good, and noticed that the center post wasn't tight against speaker baffle. It was hanging on by...
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    Any Badlanders in the wild?

    Seattle CL for $1650 here-->
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    Peavey Classic 120/120 power amp

    Sale pending
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    Peavey Classic 120/120 power amp

    I got this from the original owner last year. He's a drummer, but back in the 90's he wanted to learn guitar. He bought this power amp and the matching Rockmaster preamp new from a store in Oklahoma. He played it for about 2 months and gave up on guitar. Into the closet it went for 20+ years...
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    please delete

    please delete
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    Shimming a neck - DIY suggestions??

    The cheapest (but most time consuming) is to angle the neck pocket yourself with a sanding block. Probably go with a 0.5 degree cut. You might be able to get away with a non-angled shim if you just want to flatly raise the entire neck. Take a trip to the local lumber store for a piece of...
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    Gibson buys Mesa Boogie

    I saw a couple Boogie things in the press release pic that I hadn't seen before. Anybody know what these are?
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    Gibson Historic pickup rings, am i the only one that hates them?

    Swap them out and hang onto the originals. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes. If Terry Morgan were still alive, I'd say to get a set of his rings...right height and color. The other obvious option is to modify the rings you have.
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    Please delete

    Please delete a few weird PMs from a couple members here, as well as from CL and FB-Marketplace. I'm going to take break from trying to sell gear for a while.
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    Please delete

    Please delete
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    you guys ever educate young players on what LOUD is?

    A buddy brought his teenage son over last night. Kid's been playing about 5 years. He uses a beat up Classic 30 that his dad got him a few years back. He'd been asking his dad lately about playing really loud and wanted to know what it was like. So, I set-up in my garage an ADA MP-1, a Peavey...
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    Celestion Cream Alnico speakers, $200ea., Seattle-Portland

    Local sale, Seattle to Portland. I am the original owner of all 4. The most wattage I ever put into these guys was approximately 25w each. All 4 are spec'd at 90w/16Ω. They were only mounted one time in a homebrew 2x12. They are now back in their boxes, ready to go. $200 each firm.