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  1. danyeo

    Celestion Creambacks. G12H-75

    All 8 OHMS. No solder on the connections. I didn't use this cab much, selling the speakers since nobody wanted this as a 4x12. $100 each, will split shipping costs.
  2. danyeo


    Selling a mint, like new condition Friedman ASM-12. I’m in NJ and I’m not shipping it. I will drive quite a bit for a meet. Comes with 2 page manual. I’ll get a pic up shortly but it’s look new. I owned it for only a couple of days, it’s just not my thing. No trades. Priced to SELL, $500 to me...
  3. danyeo

    UPS broke a 2:90 I shipped.

    So I shipped out a Mesa 2:90 a month ago. It was in a rack, I put bubble wrap in between the tubes, bubble wrap between the rack and the cardboard box it was in. A week after I ship it I get a “ bad pack job dude” message in EBay. I asked what happened! The buyer said broken tubes, glass...
  4. danyeo

    JCM800 4x12. Quad of Celestion G12H-75 Creambacks.

    This is tentatively sold pending payment. I have an old JCM800 cab loaded with 75 Watt Creambacks, newer one's. The cab has had the tolex removed so it looks like an old cab EVH used, you know just raw and stripped. I've had this cab laying around in my basement and it could use some TLC, but...
  5. danyeo

    JCM800 4x12 loaded with Creamback 75’s

    have an old JCM800 cab loaded with 75 Watt Creambacks, newer one's. The cab has had the tolex removed so it looks like an old cab EVH used, you know just raw and stripped. I've had this cab laying around in my basement and it could use some TLC, but I'm basically charging for the cost of the...
  6. danyeo


    Mesa 2:90 power amp. Very clean, everything works as it should on it. I just don’t need it. Comes in the gator rack that’s equipped with wheels and an extendable handle. It's getting bids on Ebay so I'll have to sell it there...
  7. danyeo


    This is really a flawless guitar. I'm not having tuning issues with this one however I'm not using the string tree on the D and G string. There's no dings or scratches to speak of. Neck is straight, no buzzing anywhere. Guitar is all stock and comes with gig bag. This one in particular sounds...
  8. danyeo

    Esp E-ii Evertune.

    Selling an Eclipse with an Evertune Bridge. It didn’t come stock with the bridge but was installed by an authorized tech. Follow the EBay link. I’ll sell shipped for $1275.
  9. danyeo

    New video from my band.

    Checkout our new video. Make fun of it, flame it, hate it. Just make sure you share it! ?
  10. danyeo

    Celestion Vintage 30. Mesa Boogie T4335.

    Selling a pair that I just bought but I’m not going to use them. Check the Reverb link. I’ll sell them cheaper to someone here.
  11. danyeo

    Celestion Redbacks. G12H150. Pair 8 OHM

    I have 2 Redbacks for sale, both 8 Ohm. I bought one new from Sweetwater a few months ago, the other I bought used. They sound massive, thick, with no annoying mids or highs. The used one has some typical scratches on the back. $110 shipped on the newer one. On the other one I’ll go $95...
  12. danyeo

    What is this noise from these speakers ?

    Long story short, I got an amp used for a good price and the speaker in it I thought was fine which was a Mesa 90 water but I wanted to try a Redback. Got one used off Reverb, after I installed it I knew it was screwed up but it was a loose dust cap. So I glued it back on in place and thought I...
  13. danyeo

    Speaker dust cap loose.

    I bought a Redback off of Reverb and after installing the speaker had a nasty high pitched rattle. I took it out of the cab and laid it down facing up and when I hit some low notes I can see the dust cap has a separation where it should be glued. Is that something a tech needs to do? What kind...
  14. danyeo

    USA Charvel

    Selling a USA Charvel. This was a limited Batch release, I think the 7th one. This is called Trans Kandy finish. I installed a Tremolno, and the bridge pickup is a Dimarzio Super Distortion and the neck pickup is a Rails, obviously these both are not stock. It also has a coil tap switch...
  15. danyeo

    Digitech Whammy DT

    Perfect shape, comes with power supply. No box. Velcrow on bottom. 175 Shipped
  16. danyeo

    Reverb TAX, Ebay TAX. May as well buy new.

    For something that typically sells for $425-$450 used why bother when you get bent over and taxed for it now when it sells for $499 new. I can see this tax BS actually helping the retailers. Some ebayers and reverb trolls think they're smart by selling low but tacking on $80 shipping on...
  17. danyeo

    Check out my friends band.

    They're from NJ/NYC. I haven't talked to him in a while but following his band on Facebook. Our band plays some of the same places they do but we haven't done a show together yet. I think he's using a combination of Mesa Mark IV, Triaxis, and Fractal Axe-2. yNfvBIgQfWw
  18. danyeo

    Dimarzio Norton. MXR 6 band EQ.

    Dimarzio bridge humbucker in Cream. $55 shipped. MXR 6 band EQ pedal, perfect shape. It’s the black style one not the newer silver one. $60 shipped.SOLD
  19. danyeo

    I got temporary ban from TGP for the most pathetic reason.

    If this should be in the OT please move it. What a bunch of snowflake cry babies. I started a thread saying that a high school kid from Texas ran the 100m dash at 9.98, the fastest EVER BTW for a High Schooler, and I said that’s not even the most surprising part. That’s ALL I said. If you watch...
  20. danyeo

    Fender American Deluxe loaded pick guard.

    I’m selling the loaded pickguard off my American Deluxe Strat. Perfect shape, everything works normal. 2 N3 noiseless single coil pickups and one humbucker which I believe is the Atomic Pickup. This has the S1 switching system.This isn’t my guitar but it looks exactly like the one in the link...