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    Mesa Mark IIC+ Coliseum

    Careful..... lots of scams going on. Here's a thread that was brought up in the classifieds not long ago. New members whos first posts were selling items that folks were looking for. Very convenient.
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    Mustaine going to Gibson?

    The trogly video i watched he mentioned US made kramers. I dont know if they are all gonna be US or not. There will probably be an import version of both versions. Dave knows thats where the majority of his royalties come from.
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    Mustaine going to Gibson?

    I may be imagining it, but is the Kramer logo on Dave new guitar written in the Megadeth font?? Looks like it...
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    Dimarzio Pickup suggestions for EBMM JP15

    How about the Fortitude? I've also heard good things about that pickup from lamb of God guitarist. I think its called the Dominion. I think its supposed to be in the hot PAF(ish) zone.
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    symphony of destruction isolated guitar

    This isolated tracks from the master tapes? Is this supposed to be Marty's rhythm tracks or something? The guitar sound just doesn't sound like what I hear on the record. Sounds like its very off in the distance with alot of extra reverb. Doesn't sound like Mustaines rhythm playing; a little sloppy.
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    Plush. Female rock group

    I've been following Moriah for a while now. Got a great set of pipes and very talented. Hope the general population can catch on.
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    Which Fishman Fluence set should I try?

    Pretty much all the demos I've seen of the Devin set all sound too smooth and a little muddy to my ears. Maybe thats nothing like how they are in person, but thats how I'm hearing them. Almost like the presence is rolled off, or there's a built in high pass of some sort. Not a big fan of the...
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    Which Fishman Fluence set should I try?

    Was just watching a video from the channel Augafish where he was going over some of the new epiphone series. Not really a fan if the guitars themselves, but what caught my eye was the Prophecy line comes loaded with Fishman pickups. But apparently these are not anything from the existing...
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    Favorite Dimarzio 7 string pickup?

    Thinking of changing the pickups in my Prestige Ibanez. It still has the stock Dimarzio PAF 7 pickups. They sound pretty decent, but they get a little undefined on the low E and B strings. So I'm looking for something that will hold the tightness on the low B. I'm open to output level, so I'm...
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    can these preamp tubes be used in a guitar amp?

    Posting this in a couple spots to see if I can get some answers here. I was out visiting a flea market today when I came across a couple of baskets full of old vacuum tubes. All different kinds that I have never heard of. The majority of them were old RCA 9 pin tubes. None of them said that they...
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    Fender Strat recommendations?

    Being a metalhead for so many years I feel that I've really acquired alot of knowledge and experience about guitars and amps in that genre. However over the last couple years I've been REALLY itching for a good Strat. I love some of those tones that Ive been hearing for years that only a strat...
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    Whitebox / Jet City cabs

    Going for another 2x12 and narrowing down to either Avatar or Jet City. Does anyone have any experience with the Jet City line of cabs? While looking at some Avatar cabs, I remembered in the back of my brain a company called Whitebox, so I went to look up some info on them and see what their...
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    What to use for cleaning frets?

    I've got a guitar coming to me that's been sitting in the case for about a year and a half and the frets have got a little oxidation on them. No rust, just oxidation. I've never really had to deal with the issue before so I'm not sure what's the best route to take for cleaning them. Steel wol...
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    Reverse headstock with a Floyd?

    From what I have picked up on over the years, the benefit of a reverse head stock seems to be to have that extra tension on the lower strings, right? I know that some really just like the looks of it, but there does seem to be a practical reason for it design of I've understood it correctly. If...
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    Good 1x12's??

    So, I'm wanting to get a smaller rig to play in the house. Thinking of getting a Randall RD20 or maybe even the Blackstar ID60 head. Looking for a good 1x12. I have been eyeing a Mesa 1x12, even though they are kinda pricey for such a small cab. But if they deliver the goods then I guess that's...
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    How similar are the EVH striped series to a Charvel?

    So I’ve been toying around with the idea of getting one of these new Charvels for a few years now but the one thing that always turns me off about them is the lack of truss rod adjustment without having to take the neck off. I never looked at the newer EVH strat style guitars that came out...
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    My experience with the Randall Thrasher and RD1

    So I went I went into a local shop the other day to get some strings and take a quick peek around and they just happened to have a new Thrasher and RD1H sitting on top of a couple EVH cabs so I figured why not. I'll start off by saying here at the beginning that I like the RD1 better than the...
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    Pick guard, or pickup rings? Charvel opinions

    So I'm in the mood to get one of these new Charvel guitars and I cant seem to understand exactly what my ears are hearing between the different models. I don't like the stock pickups that come with either of the model, but those can be changed. Its the way that they are mounted is where I'm...
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    Avatar Cab with a Splawn Quickrod?

    I bought a new Quickrod earlier this year but due to unfortunate car repairs, all the money I had saved up for a cab I had to spend on fixing my car. So for months Ive had a new amp and no cab to play it through. :( I was planning on getting a splawn 2x12 to match the amp mostly for cosmetic...