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  1. Mailman1971

    Anybody dig the new Greta Van Fleet?

    They grew up in my town. Daughters worked with them and their sisters I guess at a restaurant. I don’t mind the music.
  2. Mailman1971

    Henning Cherry Bomb Plex Channel...double boosted vid

    Nice brother! I been jammin on my line 6 spider jam the last year. (Not kidding) 😂 Nice little indoor amp. Built in drums and bass and the recording features are great.
  3. Mailman1971

    Tawny Kitaen dead at 59

    Ya that kinda made me evaluate life a bit more seeing that. Not as careless as I was growing up and the Navy years. Kinda toned that stuff down a bit. Remember seeing her on celebrity rehab. Wow. She was out there. rip
  4. Mailman1971

    Monomyth modded origin50

    Dude...... that’s a bitching tone!!
  5. Mailman1971

    NAD Laboga Mr. Hector + clip

    Dig it man! One amp I never had a chance to play one.
  6. Mailman1971

    George Lynch WTF?

    All joking aside. He to me.... is my fave. can’t help it. The 80s. Dokken. Lynch. That’s what lured me in. I didn’t even watch the vid yet. Read the comments. Not sure why he don’t punch the gain in. He’s got everything under the sun to play. God bless ya george. 😎
  7. Mailman1971

    George Lynch WTF?

    Ya but you guys see his shoes?? Total fashion car wreck.
  8. Mailman1971

    Great Price on EVH guitar (?)

    Thought about selling few things and getting it. But man that’s a lot of cash (to me at least) For 1 thing
  9. Mailman1971

    Great Price on EVH guitar (?)

    Owner offered me one still sealed in the box. 17k 🤣
  10. Mailman1971

    Great Price on EVH guitar (?)

    I remember when these first came out. 25k I believe Local music store had 2 of them that both sold
  11. Mailman1971

    NGD... I feel like I practically stole it...

    Awesome score man!!
  12. Mailman1971

    NGD. Luxxtone!!

    Awesome guitar. Yes also feeling the Jake vibe. Love it
  13. Mailman1971

    Yngwie Shreeding on a 1959 Les Paul

    Another classic example. You know it’s joe.
  14. Mailman1971

    Worst amp you have ever played

    Holy shit!! Busted out laughing reading this!! Backstage plus was my first amp too!’ Horrible!! Bought a DOD American Metal pedal. Made world of difference. Well at least to a 15 year kid! There was not much to choose from early 80s that was affordable to someone had to buy their own gear...
  15. Mailman1971

    Warren's great tone is coming from the EVH Stealth?

    For sure. The EL34 100w one of the best amps I’ve owned. Incredible amp 😎 My next purchase if ever again. Owned one. Sold everything few years back. Thats my flagship amp for sure.
  16. Mailman1971

    Return of the other kings...

    I started out my ‘death metal’ journey by hearing Malevolent creation JOE BLACK cd. After that Canibal corpse. Then. Other bands I don’t remember. Some songs from Joe Black are stilll playing in my vehicle to this day 😆
  17. Mailman1971

    So I returned an item on Ebay because it wasn't fully functional, now the seller say his accounts are locked and can't refund my CC

    I once sold a piece of rack gear on Ensy. Think was a eq or some type of phaser. Really easy to hook up.. guy kept complaining to me it didn’t work. Hissy mess he said. Idiot did not know how to run it in a signal. Just plugged his guitar into it. Hooked up backwards to the...
  18. Mailman1971

    Folks who find Boogies too confusing.

    Wish I had back my modded III Amp sounded amazing
  19. Mailman1971

    Lynch 1989-90

    Yes for sure! It was like he was back playing a venue for 50 thousand people! That’s the playing that Inspired me. I see him in random clips and sounds like he’s plucking a country song. I appreciate all he’s done. My all time guitar favorite. 😎