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    Anybody using Kingsley preamps with cab m?

    There is a Kingsley Constable available locally where I live. Does anybody here have experience using it with CAB m. I know it's supposed to be a preamp section of a Plexi and as that it is meant to be pretty clean drive the power tubes into saturation, so how much gain does it have on it's own...
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    Capture my cabinet

    Any studios in Ontario, Canada able to capture my VHT Deliverance 4x12 as DynIr? It's my most used cab, and I was kinda underwhelmed by the FreeRock cab that comes with Two Notes
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    I think my CAB M is broken ?

    I've been getting a nasty, annoying overtones coming out of my cab m, mostly on note decays, fizzying-out, farting out type of sounds. Tried cab m in every scenario -pedals with internal preamp -rack preamps with internal power amp and cab engaged -amp head/Suhr loadbox with only cabs engaged...