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    NGD: 2018 LPC

    The slash seems to work well in here but I’m not versed in any pickups besides whatever came in them stock late 2000s and this slash one. Why do you recommend?
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    NGD: 2018 LPC

    Scored this 2018 black and chrome off Craigslist, last owner put the Seymour Duncan slash set in it. It sounds really really good as is so I’m probably gonna leave the slash pups in there for the time being. Let me know if it’s a chiibson lol
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    EVH vs PRS vs Marshall mini heads.... Cage Match

    I owned the mt15 briefly and while it did sound good, it was noisy and a lot of them are known to hum with 6l6s which was annoying. Also the master volume had a truly terrible taper, 0-very loud in a hair turn, add to that it’s probably the loudest and most powerful mini head out, it just didn’t...
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    Warren's great tone is coming from the EVH Stealth?

    does the evh stealth suck or something? It would be more surprising if he were playing through a crate or something lol
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    New gear day - Two notes torpedo reload (vs suhr clip)

    They both sound pretty good. I think the high end sounds a little more “natural” on the second clip, or a little more round/smooth on the very top.
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    PRS mt-15 sold

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    Wtb: Ksr ares

    Only local for now I asked him lol
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    Wtb: Ksr ares

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    PRS mt-15 sold

    Basically brand new, well call it excellent condition. Comes with the case and foot switch I haven’t taken out of the box even since I haven’t rehearsed or played out in what feels like forever lol Sold
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    Wtb: Ksr ares

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    Late NGD: Ltd Viper 1000 (with clip)

    Way more so in my limited viper experience l, all my eclipses were quite small and sleek. I never had the full thickness one tho Yep this one has the 81 85 it’s killer. I’m really stoked
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    Late NGD: Ltd Viper 1000 (with clip)

    Got this in a trade thinking I was gonna sell it but damn it it if isnt awesome. Way different guitar than I was expecting since I have never held a viper before this, I assumed it would be similar to an sg with the shape being what it is. Instead this guitar has a huge thick body and it hangs...
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    H@rd3R Korn Kontent

    The album was actually pretty good, not what I expected this late in their career
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    Wtb: Ksr ares

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    Fs/t Boss Katana Mk ii 100w head SOLd

    Added pics and post instead of “.” 😅
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    Fs/t Esp LTD Viper-1000

    Updated better pics
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    Old Mesa Marks on Reverb - Creeping Up!

    😂 We’re putting it to the test!! Lmao I guess it’s time to see if the hype is real 😉
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    Splawn Quickrod vs Ceriatone King Kong

    I had a yeti I used for my metal band for a little while. That was one of my favorite tones, just killer sounding
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    Fs/t Esp LTD Viper-1000

    Black 2015 ish made in Korea. In excellent condition with no wear or blemishes at all to show: Emg 81/85 Locking tuners Put back on the stock strap buttons No case Looking for 600 obo, we can discuss shipping. I’m in so-cal Will also trade/partial trade for guitars and high gain amps.