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  1. Texhex

    Talk me out of the AXE FX III

    I have a Mark V 90W, a Kemper and a FM3. I used to have the AXE III. Save yourself a ton of money and just get the FM3. Honestly though the Kemper sounds better but the FM3 can get you just about any tone you want and the effects are stellar.
  2. Texhex

    My HX Stomp and PowerCab 212+ live... Canadian National Anthem...

    Haven't you heard that digital doesn't cut in a mix? ;) Sounded great, rock on!
  3. Texhex

    Dual/Triple Rec. Multi-Watt or Badlander 100

    Well my clothes washer just shit the bed and flooded my laundry room. No amp for me for awhile... Just my luck! Thanks for the replies. Dual Multi-Watt looks like what I may hold out for, once I get some money. :(
  4. Texhex

    Dual/Triple Rec. Multi-Watt or Badlander 100

    I have a 50W 5153 and a 90W Mark V and am considering a Dual/Triple Rec Multi-Watt or a Badlander 100. The rectifier sounds more like what I would want but, and I hate to admit it, that Badlander 100 is growing on me. I worry that the rectifier might to be too flubby and scooped but boosted it...
  5. Texhex

    King Diamond Live (produced video)

    This guy still hits the high notes. Didn't know if anyone else posted, may be a dupe.
  6. Texhex

    It's Lynch Friday!

    Friggin amp sounds beautiful. I've watched that before but I forgot how good it is. Man.
  7. Texhex

    NGD! Fryette Deliverance Synergy Module! + Clip!

    Call Hollywood and ask to be put on the list for backing tracks! Love it.
  8. Texhex

    EVH 50 Stealth - Worth pulling the trigger?

    It’s black...
  9. Texhex

    Peavey Triple XXX - My Old Go-To

    My first guitar amp was a Peavey, back in '85. Literally, every time I see that logo now...
  10. Texhex

    Marshall JVM210H Incoming - Mods?
  11. Texhex

    New 5150?

    Just another reminder of his passing. EVH Fender will still release new gear but it's not going to be the same for me somehow. That amp and cab look very interesting though.
  12. Texhex

    Matchless HC-30 | The Holy Grail of EL84 Amps

    Glad to see guys like you keeping Rock alive. Dug the album and these demos are on point. Keep up the good work.
  13. Texhex

    Friedman Runt 50 trade? Yay or Nay?

    Crunch mode on the V with a SD-1 or other similar boost will drive that Mark into a Marshall type tone. I have the 90W Mark V and with a SD-1 on the Crunch channel with the 5 band you can get some pretty kick ass Marshallish gain. However only a Marshall circuit is going to get you there 100%...
  14. Texhex

    Does your reactive load box emit noise?

    DSL100H on 4 two different load boxes. Suhr RL vs. Two Notes Captor
  15. Texhex

    Driftwood Darkest Nightmare

    Big monies I'm sure...
  16. Texhex

    My Badlander 50 Shows up Today

    Can't wait to see this vs. some of your other amps. Sounds awesome so far. Digging it!
  17. Texhex

    Diezel VH4S - Channel 3 Thrash Riffs

    Have you ever tried a Mark IIC+, IV, V, etc.?
  18. Texhex

    Diezel VH4S - Channel 3 Thrash Riffs

    Gotta try things out and see what you like and don't, simple as that. Expensive experiments ;) I downloaded the file off of YT and threw it into Reaper with Helix Native to try some delay and reverb for fun. Sounded great but I can tell it's not what you are going for. Enjoy the amp!