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    Help me buy my next amp - Wizard/Diezel/Friedman

    Im running my MTL through a rear loaded Bogner Uberkab loaded with Scumback M75's. Sounds outstanding ! To me at least. Lol.
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    Help me buy my next amp - Wizard/Diezel/Friedman

    I have a Badlander as well as a MTL. I think the Badlander is outstanding. It is my favorite "Rectifier". But, the Wizard just has a feel to it that is somewhat addictive!! I really dig both amps and they both can fit the bill in a band mix.
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    Help me buy my next amp - Wizard/Diezel/Friedman

    Ive owned all the amps thats on your short list. Currently have a MK 1 MTL. Fantastic amp. Love it. You already have the compressed tone going with the VH4. The MTL would be a great addition! Thats my vote!
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    WTB/Needed pickup cover Im not sure what Dimarzio is charging. These guys in my opinion are quite reasonable.
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    Peavey VTM 120 for sale on CL

    I know some of you guys dig these. Just came across the add and thought I'd share.
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    Carol-Ann Amps...

    Unfortunately no!
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    Looking for VHT CL vs Deliverance opinions

    Ive really dug both. For me the Deliverance !
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    Worst amp you have ever played

    For me , especially for the price Fortim Natas , horrible I couldn't believe how thin and buzzy it was. I know it was geared for more dropped tune stuff but man what a disappointment.
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    Mesa Boogie Roadster Combo Conversion

    Will do!
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    Mesa Boogie Roadster Combo Conversion

    Did another combo converesion on a Roadster. I'm not sure what's wrong with me. Frustrates the hell put me! It's not perfect but turned out pretty well! Working on the combo cab to turn it into a matching closed back 2x12.
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    EVM12L front mounting advise

    yeah, 8 mounting screws for those heavy SOB's. Also there isnt a gasket.
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    Looks just like the one I had. I really dug it! I ran it with an Uberkab loaded with Creamback 65’s and V30’s sounded great!
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    FSOT : Axe Fx II xl plus with MFC 101 MKIII

    I have an in excellent condition Axe II Xl plus and MFC101 MK III controller. Loaded with Austin Buddy Dream Rig Pack. $1500 shipped. Could be interested in working out trade for an UA OX etc.
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    WTB : 7 string pickup set

    Looking for set of 7 string pickups. Guitar is an Ibanez J Custom. Mahogany body, maple top, maple neck with ebony board. Currently loaded with PAF 7's. I don't hate them but I'm looking for something a little hotter with tighter lowend. Not sure what but perhaps some mine here more versed in 7...
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    The great Singlecut debate: Gibson LP vs PRS Singlecut

    I agree with most here in regards to PRS singlecuts. Most of the ones I've owned just didn't have that Les Paul grind and Tone. But, I have owned 2 PRS Singlecuts that were outstanding. One being the one I currently own its a 2001 Pre lawsuit singlecut that is just fat and toneful! Plays...
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    Pair of NOS Siemens STR 450

    I have an in excellent condition matched pair of Mesa Boogie branded NOS Siemens STR 450's. Probably about 4 hours of play time. I just don't have use for a pair. $120 shipped.