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  1. GG4211

    Science, Evidence, Data based... interesting thread...

    Yet. The left leaning activists are all for a vaccine mandate. As the honeymoon period between progressives and the current administration comes to an end, the activists will hold greater sway as the administration tries to continue appeasing them. As for employers, many will not force...
  2. GG4211

    Science, Evidence, Data based... interesting thread...

    Isn’t it ironic that the party that for decades advocated a woman’s right to choose and touted that the government should not tell them what to do with their bodies is now the party that wants to force a questionable vaccine on everyone in the country? In the name of fear of course. Or that...
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    Science, Evidence, Data based... interesting thread...

    That is why we have social media now. Built-in spying platform complete with predictive capabilities.
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    Science, Evidence, Data based... interesting thread...

    So over the Covid Operation. It is an mRNA vaccine. The first ever released for general use… under an emergency use authorization. So every vaccination is effectively joining a clinical trial that is open to anyone. We have no idea what the repurcussions of mRNA vaccines will be 5, 10, or 20...
  5. GG4211

    Fishman Fluence opinions

    Have a guitar with Fishman Classics. Not a fan. There is a sizzle to them that I don’t like.
  6. GG4211

    Best fried chicken you’ve ever had?

    Last week my wife and I were in the sticks south of Tallahassee, FL. Found this little country buffet. Some of the best fried chicken and fried fish I have had!
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    Talk me out of the AXE FX III

    I’m all for a good ribbing or holding someone to task. But in the example I gave, Cliff had two standards for different FMs who approached the same problem in the same way. Not cool in my opinion. I will agree that @RevDrucifer does not kiss any ass! We have actually interacted on both the...
  8. GG4211

    Talk me out of the AXE FX III

    I have an Axe FX III. If you plan on participating in the online Fractal community you may want to consider if you are ok joining a cult. It gets a little weird there at times, particularly around firmware releases. The cult of personality around Cliff is huge and I found it a bit...
  9. GG4211

    The Guitar Guru Network (The fake tracking number scam goes on)

    Reverb rules have this covered I believe. Looking at the rules, pre-orders are allowed. But you must be an authorized dealer or the offer must come directly from a manufacturer or authorized distributor. He is clearly covering this base as he is telling buyers that the manufacturer will ship...
  10. GG4211

    KISS fans....come on in...

    KISS was my first concert. I think it was ‘78 or ‘79 I was 12 or 13 and my mother took me. There was a whole group of guys who had probably about an ounce of weed packing bowls and passing it around. My mother tapped one guy on the shoulder and told him that she knew what that was and was...
  11. GG4211

    Replacement Locking Tuners For Jackson

    Yep, but they can do a warranty repair or replacement of a neck. Just went through that. Also got a replacement Floyd sent to me several years ago.., both situations were warranty claims. They used to sell replacement necks but I haven’t seen a new woodburn replacement neck from Jackson in a...
  12. GG4211

    Replacement Locking Tuners For Jackson

    I completely agree. That is why all of my Jackson Custom Selects and Masterbuilts were spec’d with Schaller tuners. That’s what Jacksons used on my guitars back in ‘83-‘85. By the way, I posted the Schaller link to show the four basic types of tuners. It is mostly about how the tuner mounts...
  13. GG4211

    Floyd nut for jackson dinky?

  14. GG4211

    Floyd nut for jackson dinky?

    @SoooRad raises a good point. You need to consider the width and the height of the nut.
  15. GG4211

    Replacement Locking Tuners For Jackson The OPs tuners arr 135s. As in the mount screw is oriented 135 degrees from the top of the tuner.
  16. GG4211

    Floyd nut for jackson dinky?

    Typically an R3. At least that is what my USA Dinky’s use. Most reliable way to know for sure is to remove the existing nut and look at the bottom. The nut size should be stamped on the bottom of the nut. Here is one of my Titanium Floyd nuts with the stamp:
  17. GG4211

    Do you think modelers will get there in the next 10 years?

    I have a JVM 410 HJS and an Axe FX III. I connected the JVM and Axe FX using 4CM. Due to the plethora of connections on the Axe III, I also put a XiTone MBritt on Output 1. I can create presets that mix and match components. I can use amp modeling and send it to my 1960 AHW or I can use the...
  18. GG4211

    Relisting Dave Mustaine guitars at enormous prices. Opinions?

    Esses Recording Studio is well known for doing this. The studio is in Britain if I remember correctly. Have always wondered how he gets to his listing price. Is it because he is in Europe and instruments tend to be more expensive over there? I know at one point he had a Super Dinky with no...
  19. GG4211

    Jackson pro series

    Jackson is putting out a new series. The MJ series. Made in Japan. They should be available in April or May. I suspect that there will be a lot of bang for the buck in that line.