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    Scumback Moving Sale...June 2021

    Well, I had a lot of stuff for sale, and I still do, but now that I've finally booked the movers for May 20th, I don't have time to get it packed to ship to new owners. When I get to Prescott, AZ I'll probably have a new listing of things that need to go. Sorry I couldn't keep up on my...
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    PSA: Increased shipping costs start January 1st, 2021

    Be advised that shipping rates from Fedex & USPS will be going up on January 1st, so it’s better if you can place your Scumback order early, so I can ship it out by the 31st. Typically shipping goes up 6% for Fedex and 8-10% for USPS, but that's not set in stone. I've seen USPS rates go up 15%...
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    The Queen Marshall Stack 1967/68

    I've mentioned this old Marshall stack for awhile. Well, I finally dug down into the pile in storage, after I sold off four cabs yesterday and this was the next pair that were in line to get to the shop since I had room. So without further ado or fanfare...1967 slant, 1968 straight. 20w G12M's...
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    Scumback Moving Sale starts next week 11/2/20

    Hey everyone...well, the time has come for Scumback Speakers to sell off a bunch of personal gear in preparation for our move out of California. There will be an extensive pile of guitars, amps, cabs, speakers, tubes, and other parts for sale. I will start posting to this thread as I uncover...
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    FS:Celestion Greenback/Creamback, Vintage 30, G12-35XC, etc

    Hello RT members! I'm selling off a bunch of speakers that are lying around loose and unused in the shop. All of the proceeds will go directly to my 1969 Pontiac Firebird 400 Restoration Fund. All speakers have been broken in, tested for voice coil rub, vibration noises, cone cry, etc. They're...
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    Official Scumback Speakers Questions & Information Thread!

    Here's the Official Scumback Speakers Questions & Information Thread! I've done these on other forums for quick answers (or more detailed ones) to player's questions on Scumback models, etc. So while it's slow right before Super Bowl, and after NAMM, NAMM-THRAX, etc. I figured now would be a...
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    Scumback Speakers Holiday Sale ended on January 5, 2020!

    Scumback Speakers Holiday Sale ended on January 5, 2020!
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    Vintage Marshall Heads for sale...

    I've decided it's time to move these old Marshall heads on to new homes, as I need some work done on my 1969 Firebird. Up for sale are the following heads...they all sound great, no issues. 1971 Super Lead 100w 1971 JMP 50w Lead 69 Super Bass s/n#: SB/A 8424A $OLD! 71 Super Lead s/n#: SL/A...
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    FS: 2 Scumback BF M75, 16 ohm, 65w $250 shipped/paypal

    For Sale: Two 2009 blue frame M75 16 ohm 65w used in the James Lugo pickup shootout. I bought back James Lugo's cab awhile back, and found two V30's and two blue frame M75 16 ohm 65w speakers in it. Selling the two blue frame Scumbacks built in 2009 for $250 shipped/paypaled in the lower 48...
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    FS: 2 Celestion Vintage 30, 16 ohm, $250 shipped/paypal

    Got these in a 412 cab I bought. The V30's are Chinese made with the stock 444 cones in them. There's some dust on the doping so they've been in the cab for awhile. I ran them through my sweep /waveform generator, and they test out good. No noises, voice coil rub, or anything. I will sell them...
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    Is this now the Rig Talk Casino Thread throwdown? LOL

    Is this now the Rig Talk Casino Gambling Thread throwdown? LOL Where do these trolls come from FFS?
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    Scumback Speakers - Jim's Birthday Sale $20 Off thru 5/29/18

    Scumback Speakers - Jim's Birthday Sale $20 Off thru 5/29/18 Ended on 10/30/18 @ 10:46 am. Sorry you missed it.
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    No more Scratch & Dent Handles, all sold!

    No more Scratch & Dent Handles, all sold! I opened a box of my metal handles this week and found that the usual plastic wrappers were missing, so I've got some of my replacement metal handles that have light scratches and surface rust. They clean up with minimal work, but I figured giving them...
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    NOCD: 67 Marhall Straight Cab!

    Bought this off another forum member a few weeks back. Had a few hardware issues, needed new 2BA T-nuts for the baffle board, some new cheesehead 2BA x 1" speaker bolts, new bolts and T-nuts for the metal handles (narrow flange version, pre 1968), and some speakers. I dug into my pile and...
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    Scumback M75 65w and David Bray 4550 Deluxe Amp VH Clip!

    Just got sent this by David Bray of his clients asked for the old 1977 VH tone, so Dave did this clip for him with a Scumback M75 65w. ... uxeM75.mp3
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    Scumback Speakers Holiday Sale thru 12/31/17

    I've put all Scumback Speakers on sale thru December 31, 2017. Handle pairs are on sale for $10 off as well. You will get a refund for the discounted price after your order is placed on the site. Sales to outside the lower 48 United States will need to contact me for a shipping cost estimate.
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    The 16th anniversary of going to jail is today...LOL

    The 16 year anniversary of getting arrested and going to jail for loud, unreasonable noise is today. Wow, how time flies! How the Scumback name came to be. I had a psycho neighbor around 2001. She lived 126 feet across the street from me in Culver...
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    Scumback Speakers July 4th Sale now thru July 5th, 2017

    Scumback Speakers July 4th Sale now thru July 5th, 2017
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    Scumback Speaker Tone Defined, March 2017

    There seems to be a lot of confusion on the net and other places on Scumback Speaker models and the tones they produce. The descriptions below apply to the current black frame California built speakers. This should clear all that up, I hope! The tone difference between the low power PVC...
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    Scumback Black Friday Sale -Ended

    Sale Ended.