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    Online sales

    What has happened to online buying and selling over the last 10 years?People used to email/call when they paid,shipped, received, you dont hear Jack from most people buying or selling and it's starting to get this way on reverb/Ebay....the only solace there is reverb will cover you in...
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    Selling on reverb

    Has anyone noticed they not only change 5% but now there is also a processing fee?
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    Wtb:flying V guitar

    Looking for a flying V......would like something of the MIJ variety like an Edwards or even an Epiphone japan...maybe a Czech dean(European Custom select),USA pro series..i want a more traditional model,22 frets and no tremelo.I have a nice Edwards 335 I would trade or i could just buy it
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    Marshall vm,dsl50 fja and 6100lm heads

    Vintage modern is 100 watts,factory footswitch,new power tubes,some knicks and dings in tolex but sounds great $650 plus shipping Dsl50 head fja standard mod,had mercury magnetics choke and ot added after by local amp builder sam timberlake,build a info on fja mod,he doesn't give...
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    Fs:fja modded dsl50 head and mesa boogie mkiii blue stripe

    Have just acquired several amps,just trying stuff out,decided to sell this one Dsl 50 head is in good shape and sounds great,had the standard fja mod done to dsl and the write up given pretty much describes the the amp alot more clarity and cuts through well in a live setting...also...
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    FS/FT:Gibson ES339 w/hard case

    Bought this about 2 months ago and had it set up,plays and sounds great,have just aquired too many guitars and one I'm having built has been completed.has a Gibson hard case and certificate of's a 2016 model....$825 shipped in the conus or would trade for a marshall plexi styled...
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    wtb:quad of kt88's

    anyone have some to sell?Thanks
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    Soldano owners chime in please.....

    Im wanting to get another soldano,the SLO isnt an option though,just not willing to pay the price for,Im looking at the hot rod plus,decatone or a Lucky 13 head.....they are all in the price range im willing to pay used.IVe read alot on them and have listened to clips of them...
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    Salvation 1666 module..Randall Stock Recto...Priced to sell

    Salvation 1666...its like a 1086 on steroids x100...very agressive tone,but articulate....mid shift works great and has built in gate,which doesnt affect the tone,extremely quiet...$300 shipped in the conus Randall Recto..stock,no mods,silver faced....sounds great as well...$120 shipped in the...
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    WTB:Recto/treadplate Module

    Looking for one to buy..bought one off of ebay,but I never recieved it,so I got a refund.....I also have a Modern module if someone wants a good donor module....I would take an egnater or randall recto module...