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    (Sold) 1971 Marshall Super Bass 100W

    We got approved last minute to adopt a husky puppy from a home where it’s in danger. It needs Spaying and the rest of her shots. This amp is now for sale and needs to move. Marshall is all original - Daly caps and original iron. Death cap still connected, still 2 prong chord. Original...
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    Chicken Pickin Fool!

    Dude deserves way more subs. Total monster.
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    Tuning my 1974 Marshall

    I’ve come up with something for my amp and I’m not sure whether I like it more out of circuit, or in circuit. It doesn’t help my playing was garbage in this quick segment, do you like the first part of the clip or the second?
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    1974 Marshall Superlead - Tuning Presence

    I’ve been spending this week tuning the presence circuit on my project after the resonance mod from last year. The presence circuit that was in it had a 25pF cap in for what I assume to be an easy gain mod, but it basically made the presence circuit open and not very reactive to knob turning...
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    SD-1 Style Pedal that Handles Volume Knob Rolling?

    Is there an asymmetric clipping style overdrive that is like an SD-1 but can clean up with your volume knob without needing to turn it off for cleans? My SD-1 can do it no problem if the drive is kept low but I’m wondering if there’s something else out there that could do this better?
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    Official 2021 Show Your Rig Pics!

    Put them up!
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    Voltage Regulators and Power Conditioners that Don’t Break the Bank?

    What’s everyone running for isolated regulators and conditioners model wise that gets the job done? I’m not too keen on a $1200 all in one unit and wondering how others are solving this issue?
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    NAD!!!! Laney GH100S!!

    Scored an insanely killer deal on a Laney GH100S! I’ve been looking for a GH100TI for quite a while but they’re getting hard to find. This one popped up locally and I couldn’t resist and had to have it! For those that aren’t aware, the GH100S was only made during the first year of the Iommi...
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    NAD!!! 1998 Bogner 101B

    What a killer amp. So many iconic sounds on every channel. I was inspired to play songs I haven’t even bothered to learn yet just riffing on it for a few hours. This one is a ‘98 with class A/AB option that was on reverb. It more aligned with my pricepoint compared to a 100B and it does...
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    Bogner 101b Help? Different Versions?

    Do the old ones have the same features as the new ones? I’m thinking I’d like to grab one but know little about them. Thanks ahead of time!
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    Need Cabinet Speaker Choice Help

    I currently have 8x G12M 25W Greenbacks. 4x in a 1960ax, 4x in a 1960bx. I once owned a splawn cab with V30s x Splawn SB’s that I loved - I only sold it because of financial reasons in college and had no speakers at all at the time. What I’m thinking of doing is Splawn SB’s X G12-75’s to get...
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    WTB: Laney GH100TI

    Looking for a well taken care of Laney GH100TI. Cash in hand ready to go. Lower 48 only please (or local to the Tri-City area) If by chance you see one for sale somewhere, please let me know, thank you :)
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    Greenback & Creamback Experts in Here Please

    I now have two cabinets full of 25W reissue G12Ms. I need a more punchy and modern-sounding setup in one of the cabinets. I don't tune below Eb but play heavy-handed - I used to have Splawn small blocks X pattern V30s in my cabinets many years ago and it sounded great - very modern sounding and...
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    GC Score! 1960AX & 1960BX Cabinets Inbound $1400!

    Snagged matching 1960AX and 1960BX 4x12 cabinets with G12M greenbacks for $1400 + tax for both!! :rock: New the cabinets are $2800 + tax :scared: I was looking at a pair of avatars, but with greenbacks these were a better deal. Amazing how the price of cabinets have skyrocketed. I sold my...
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    NAD!!! 1971 Marshall #1992 Super Bass 100W

    It's been in storage in a garage and in an attic for 25 years. The owner was an elderly man and passed away. His son is now selling his property and pulled it out of the garage. I drove 11 hours round trip over the weekend to go get it and paid cash on the spot. It's also a rosemary amp which...
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    Who sold the high gain Jose on Reverb?

    There was a Cameron HG Jose that sounded great that just sold on reverb. Is this the 4th gain stage Jose or the diode clipping Jose? odMib_WcN3A
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    Great Deal with fusedbrain

    Don’t fear shipping international to him in Canada. Smooth transaction and UPS even charged a hidden processing fee which he gladly covered. He made shipping international easy. Very standup and fast shipment. Great communication!
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    New effects card day!!! Acquired the super rare dual FX card from fusedbrain here on the RT forum for my PCM81. Super stoked to have found one in such great condition! It will go into storage until my rack is complete, but glad to have found a holy grail card for such a legendary effects unit...