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    Fender Elite and Bogner Telos fs

    I have a black fender tele elite. For those that haven’t played one, hard to get a better guitar for the money, and my favorite playing modern fender period. GLWS
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    Scumback Moving Sale...June 2021

    I can't speak for everyone,--my wife is from Southern California and we split time between Phoenix and Prescott. We both love it in Prescott. Great town, really nice people, great weather (for Arizona). I'm never leaving and they will end up burying me in the back yard. Taxes and trade in value...
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    FS: Friedman Butterslax New - $2800 sh/pp

    Awesome amp. More versatile than I think people give it credit for. GLWS
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    Scumback Moving Sale...June 2021

    Not necessarily related. I live in Prescott by the courthouse. Welcome to the neighborhood. If you get bored first round is on me.
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    No longer needed... please delete

    I’m in the wrong part of the southwest for this. Damn it.
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    SOLD: 2007 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Up for sale is my 2007 Gibson Les Paul Standard in Desert Burst. It has some general playwear (very shallow ding on the back of the neck, nitro around the headstock is a little visible, very shallow ding in the neck). Otherwise it is in excellent shape and overall I would rank as very good...
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    SOLD: Fender American Professional Stratocaster

    Hey John, didn’t get a notification on this—my bad. I believe it is called antique olive.
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    WTB 4x12: Mesa Trad or Uberkab for what it’s worth, I went through 30 amps this year. The wizard mc was one of the relatively few that stayed.
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    ESP Eclipse II Standard

    Totally relatable. I went insane during 2020 testing gear. I had around 30 amps in 1 room at once from buying while being bored and my eyes starting twitching from the clutter. I got rid of about 2/3 of them and feel better without all the clutter. Good luck thinning the herd.
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    ESP Eclipse II Standard

    Thanks! It plays like butter and looks fantastic. The build quality along with the fit and finish for ESP are just insane. I have over a dozen single cut guitars alone though and need to get rid of some of these!!
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    ESP Eclipse II Standard

    Hey all, In the spirit of continued spring cleaning I am putting up my ESP Eclipse II Standard. Overall it is in very good shape--it has a very small nick on the back of the neck and some typical playing wear on the guitar (I tried to photograph everything as best as possible to highlight...
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    SOLD: Fender American Professional Stratocaster

    Up for sale is a 2017 Fender Stratocaster American Professional Series. It comes with the hardshell case. Case candy included. The guitar sounds and plays great. It is in very good condition with some light surface swirl/playing marks on the back and pick guard but not below the surface and not...
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    FS: Fortin Cali

    Totally agree. I want all my heads blacked out. The white sticks out like a sore thumb on mine. Thing sounds fucking awesome though.
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    2019 ESP Custom Shop Korina V Mustaine Specs

    Awesome looking guitar. Wish I wasn’t thinning out.
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    Sell me your amp

    I almost don’t want to play one because I am terrified I will sell all my shit to get one.
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    FS: PRS Archon 100 Head Stealth black *SOLD*

    Awesome amps and getting harder to find used. GLWS.
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    FT/FS - Fortin Cali

    I recently bought one of these. One of my all time favorite amps and on my never sell list. If you want an amp that sounds like a great hot rod Marshall with the ability to switch easily between a dry or super saturated sound it is this is the amp. Great price too. GLWS.
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    Wizard MTL 100W 2018 ***SOLD***

    Fantastic amps. GLWS.