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    Tech Talk.. New Toobs.

    Come in a get all nerd! So I picked up a pair of EH EL34's from Upscale Audio because they have the "Best Matching in the business" :ROFLMAO: for my Trainwreck Express build.. They burn in for 72 hours which is pretty cool. I use the Eurotubes Pro One Bias Probe for biasing. So what I'm seeing...
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    How do you like your Voodoo Labs Switcher??

    Seems like a good thing to control pedals..
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    Lets take the Wayback Machine way back..

    Diggin up some old dirt here.. Drum Machine and all. No computers on this. Recorded this with a TriAxis-2:90.. Speakers were G12M-70's.. Ibanez with EMG 707's on the leads. Charvel Model V with EMG 85/60 on the Cleans.
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    Egnater Tweaker 15

    Sorry this isn't the bombastic Arena worthy Head expected of this board, but who has played one? I want a little amp that can do Vox without the big price tag..
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    Fatbottom vs Deliverance 412 Cabs.

    I'd go with the Fane Speakers without question. They are great. That said, each Cab advertises a tight lowend, but how tight? Reading the descriptions it seems like the Fatbottom is a tight sounding Cab leaning towards fast Metal but they call it Fatbottom which is confusing to me.. I don't...
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    Not a lot of info on this Tube.. The Frame Grid design is a real thing and is supposed to do nice things, but it's not that popular.. It seems like it would be just the ticket for a high gain amp. Anyone try the new JJ version?
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    Friday Jam Track 5/1/20

    This one should be easy. It's in E minor but also lends itself to atonal playing and background eeriness. Have Fun!
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    Friday Jam Track 4/24/20

    I was listening to Trunk Nation this week and he had on Vinnie Appice.. Cool interview, which made it easy for this weeks Jam.. I had this backing done a while back like 4 years ago.. I dug it up and reworked it a bit. Pretend Dio needs a new guitar player and you have a day or 2 to lay down...
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    Friday Jam Track 4/17/20

    Yeah, it's a little early but I really struggle with the Blues, so I need to work this one out.. LOL I hope you people are into it!
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    Friday Jam Track 4/10/20

    Something mellow. Solo at 12 seconds. Not sure if half the crowd on here even knows what this is.. LOL GO!
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    Eddie Trunks Top-5 All Time Rock Guitarists'..

    It's on right now, but what are yours?? There can only be 5. They're might be more technical, but that shit gets old. It's about total contribution and songs in my mind.. EVH has to be #1. Jimmy Page is in there.. SRV Satriani James Hetfield for the machine gun right hand.. I reserve the...
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    Friday Jam Track.

    No excuse. You know you're just sitting there on your ass.. Lay one down. Solo starts at 19 but do what you want. Maybe a little lead in before the down beat.. ... -jam-track
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    HCAF guys, what is this song??

    Found this in a stack of CD-R's.. Remember those?? Found some gems in that pile, this is one of them. I'm thinking this is from around 2003-2004. I wanna say it's Olaf's song but am not 100%..
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    It's a good tome for a Jamtrack..

    Putting out feelers.. Not a lot of reasons not to with all this vyrus stuff going on.. Lay one down on this. ... kK21OWyn5n
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    Being a YouTube whore..

    Click Like and Subscribe.. ich.. :doh: It seems to be the way of the future.. While it is a resource for checking out gear, the negative is that it seems to bring out the douche in people on all sides.. 'Ever read some of the comments? The pure anonymous hate that comes out is human nature I...
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    Deliverance D120 with a Fane F70.

    These 2 are a good match. The drumtrack was from a drumjam on GGF and I put guitars and bass on it. I did this in one sitting so it's not perfect, but it came out good for the time I spent on it. I'm plugged straight into the amp. Effects are in the box...
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    Got a Ribbon Mic..

    Expensive for me. Got things sounding alright for a bedroom jockey.. Deliverance D120
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    New Sykes tune..

    New to me anyways.. I didn't know they released this to the Europe version of the Whitesnake 87' record. I would be in a cave if it weren't for the interwebs.. It was cool to hear the same production and tone from back in the day. KlDhxClnE7E
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    Mesa Boogie Mark V

    Single owner mint condition, never gigged and well cared for. Comes with everything as if you bought it new. New JJ 6L6 Power tubes are strong. Ships with the original JJ Preamp Tubes except the 1 that I broke. I replaced it with a JJ ECC803 and put it in the Phase Inverter spot. This works very...
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    Gold Lion ECC83

    There's 2; one Russian and 1 Chinese. WTF? What's the back story with the Chinese version? New Sensor probably pumps up the Russian version, but the Chinese get shit done. What's your take on the 2? I'd like to try them but they're expensive. I can get NOS shit for what they sell these for..