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  1. napalmdeath

    NGD: PRS S2 594 Singlecut

    It's a beauty! Bought it used at a great price. The good: It resonates beautifully, and after a set-up, it plays equally as nice, I got the intonation lazer sharp, and tuning stability/nut couldn't be more perfect. Fit and finish is excellent. The bad: UPS damaged it. 🖕 Obviously dropped it...
  2. napalmdeath

    More Fortin silliness...

    Really? Someone's been toking on the old glass light bulb. There's another listed at $500.
  3. napalmdeath

    Marshallmel - As good as it gets!

    2 transactions, both shipped SAME DAY! I had the goods before the payments came out of my account! Two thumbs 👍
  4. napalmdeath

    Sell me a guitar - $1200-1600

    Looking for a fixed bridge, non-Floyd, non-EMG.. LP Traditional, Classic, Standard, Explorer, Edwards LPC, PRS SC245, SC58.. Maybe an SG Standard, (no slim taper/61's).
  5. napalmdeath

    Third installment from new Evile album

    Man, these guys just went straight brutal on this new album so far. Break out the neck brace!
  6. napalmdeath

    Friedman Smallbox continues to amaze!

    Put JJ KT77's in it last week, and it sounds killer. I went with a Tungsol in V1 & V2, and a Sovtek LPS in V3. Today, I took it to my brother's and plugged into his EVH 4x12, and really got to open it up. Jumpin' Jesus it sounded incredible. I only use the BE channel, and hit it with an MXR...
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    NAD: Friedman Smallbox - Pretty impressive!

    So, the Plexi channel really isn't my thing, (great for cleanish/a little break-up).. It really needs some volume, very much like an SLP.. But, holy shit-balls, the BE Channel is spot on for my tastes. Its everything I wanted the Runt to be, and then some. Gain-wise, it's maybe a touch more...
  9. napalmdeath

    Bias adjustment sweep on Smallbox

    I want to put some Tungsol EL34B's in my Smallbox, as I bought it used and previous owner said the tubes were a couple years old. Question is, in my experience with the Runt 50, the tubes were always rated in the high 30's, and not a lot of range to get cooler tubes up to snuff. These Tungsols...
  10. napalmdeath

    Randall RD45H Head - Upgraded Tubes

    PRISTINE condition. Footswitch and cables all still in the box, never used. Upgraded TAD 6L6GC-STR's for maximum chunkage. Biased right, and killer sounding sleeper! $599 PPL GIFT.
  11. napalmdeath

    '79 JMP crackling, and question about plate voltage

    My brother has a 79 JMP 50 thats crackling, static, etc. My first thought was preamp tube, and I also did a full cleaning of jacks, pots, etc, no change. I did a full retube and bias. The PV was 391, which seems kinda low?? I think its just in need of caps, some soldering/clean-up, but that...
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    Another Evile song from new album next month!

    Fucking brutal!
  15. napalmdeath

    Schecter C-1 SLS Elite got an Evil Twin brother!

    Had to pull the trigger. Such a badass looking guitar! PT SLS Elite. I've really come to love the C-1 FR SLS, had to have this one too..
  16. napalmdeath

    The great Singlecut debate: Gibson LP vs PRS Singlecut

    So, the Les Paul is THE benchmark for many. But, whose jumped to PRS, and what are your thoughts on the two, head to head. Sure, only an LP sounds like an LP, but who can deny the build quality of an SC58, SC245, 594? Thoughts?
  17. napalmdeath

    "Mint" condition?

    I'm looking for a Flying V, and stumbled onto this one in "Mint" condition.. I see this all the time. List as mint, then a laundry list of issues.. Have people forgotten what mint condition is...
  18. napalmdeath

    NGD: Charvel So-Cal

    Got this from Marshallmel here on the forum. A little elbow grease, fret polish and fingerboard cleaning, some carnuba wax. I wrapped the pickguard with 3M automotive carbon fiber vinyl. It set up beautifully, and the Distortions sound fantastic! Better than my Schecter's Fishman! 3rd time's a...
  19. napalmdeath

    Friedman Smallbox vs Runt 50?

    I love the Runt, owned it multiple times, but am curious about the Smallbox. How's the dirt channel? I've seen "more vintage" sounding quite a bit, which is appealing, but does it have a bigger low end? Is it as tight as the Runt? More gain? Less gain? Of course, I boosted the Runt, but without...
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    Looking for a Splawn Competition, DSL50, Ceriatone, (with upgraded FX loop), or other modded Marshall flavors. Prefer 50 watts, but an SC20H may be in the cards as well. Have up to $1500 to play with.