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  1. CNutz

    Friedman vs Cameron

    Friedman sounds little tighter, and a bit clearer. The Cameron sounds similar, but a little looser. From my experience playing with these circuits, the Cameron probably has .1uf caps on the PI out, and maybe 68k grid stopper on V1 change those to .022uf, and 33k, and the Cameron will be clear...
  2. CNutz

    Marshall 1960AV Transformation.

    Wow, great job.
  3. CNutz

    '79 JMP crackling, and question about plate voltage

    Yeah, F&T caps do not sound right. Especially in any kind of classic amp. ARS, and JJ caps are good for this. Now that being said they can work, if you're building up a circuit/mod from the ground up. If you find the amp too dark, or loose you can put f&t in some spot to tighten/brighten it up.
  4. CNutz

    '79 JMP crackling, and question about plate voltage

    Take a chopstick, and with the amp on, press on every component( caps, resistors, even switches, jacks, sockets, and pots), and solder joint. I usually find the crackling with this method.
  5. CNutz

    Jose, Cameron, Friedman kind of thing

    Like Dave said consider yourself lucky I guess. They do make a difference, and when different caps (brand, series, and composition) are painstakingly selected for each spot in the amp. It can take a decent amp to a WOW holy grail amp. It doesn't stop at capacitors, its every component...
  6. CNutz

    Iron Biden - One (Metallica)......LOL

    Sorry for your loss. And completely agree with your observation, and disdain of DT.
  7. CNutz

    Iron Biden - One (Metallica)......LOL

    I respect your opinion. The way I look at it, "old forgetful guy with a stutter" overcame all that, and made it to the most important position in the world. I think he can take some jokes. Old forgetful guy with a stutter, dying in a retirement center. Not funny, context matters.
  8. CNutz

    Iron Biden - One (Metallica)......LOL

    This is funny, honestly we should be able to laugh at stuff like this with out being offended. There are a lot of funny trump ones too.
  9. CNutz

    El 34 replace KT77 in Diezel

    Depends on the plate voltage.
  10. CNutz

    Humidity and Tone.. Psychological?

    Yes, and the cold will mess with your ears. I played in bands for 10 years, and every time it was cold my other guitarist, and I would say "Does my amp sound like shit?" to one another.
  11. CNutz

    NAD & Issues - Synergy Syn30 + SLO Module

    The SLO module is fantastic, I've heard a few other, and was not super impressed.
  12. CNutz

    Marshall 1960b with celestion g12h30's

    8ohm speakers are usually darker, slightly punchier. 16ohm are usually more open, and upper mid rangy.
  13. CNutz

    WW Smallbox TRS Footswitch Wiring

    This is the be100 footsiwtch. The LED's are wired in series.
  14. CNutz

    Jose, Cameron, Friedman kind of thing

    Damn I noticed I had the depth kind of cranked and the last clips were pretty woofy. Heres a new clip Last clips that are woofy This one with 4700pf bright cap on second gain no bright caps
  15. CNutz

    Jose, Cameron, Friedman kind of thing

    I made some changes, and it absolutely kills now. I'll try to get some new clips up.
  16. CNutz

    Question about replacing tubes in amplifier

    We'll they work until they don't. No real "out of date" concept. Now that being said they will degrade overtime, and become weak, or noisy, and as mentioned above power tubes can redplate, but they can do that new as well. My advice is replace them if/when there is a problem.
  17. CNutz

    Suppose you have an extra $1400 bucks / what do ?

    Fix some of the damage to my house snowmageddon caused.
  18. CNutz

    Stolen Marshall 2555SL on Ebay

    What a piece of shit. Good luck. He's probably going to make the amp disappear.
  19. CNutz

    How long before you know if you really like something?

    Almost immediately. If it takes too long to like it, you're probably wasting your time trying to like it.