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  1. Rdodson

    Synergy Module most like SS100

    Dave, Which of your modules would be closest to the SS100?
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    <please delete>

    I was surfing YouTube and came across the old famous Curt Mitchell EVH video from ‘92 or so. Such a great vid from back in the pre-internet days. So, I wondered, what’s ol’ Curt up to these days? Did y’all all know this? Convicted of murder?!? Is this him...
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    Where did all of Guitar Center's used inventory go?

    As one who browses the GC/used site a couple of times a week for the occasional diamond in the rough, I noticed that suddenly most of their used high dollar boutique amp stuff is gone. Bogner, Friedman, VHT, Soldano, etc. Same with guitars. Did some other group come in and make a massive buy?
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    Dumble Styled Circuits - Anyone Gone There?

    I heard clips of both a Steel String Singer 005 circuit (Eric Johnson) and a "Ripper" circuit and both have me gassing. Anyone here gone down this deep rabbit hole? I have a BE100 for my gainier needs. And I love that. But I play more and more "on the edge" these days. Clips: Steel String...
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    I sure like the way this turned out (Holdsworth Charvel)

    I've been wanting to do this for years, but in the last 9 months finally made it happen. This is definitely in the "tribute" category, as it is not a real Charvel, but... I'll try and post a vid in the next few days, but this is about as close to Allan's red one as I could get.
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    Butala Custom Guitars - Randy Butala HELP

    Randy and his website have seemingly passed into the ether, along with my $$ for a neck order. Has anyone heard from him recently? Trying to have good thoughts, and I know life can get messy, but a little communication would be nice.
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    BE100 HBE Mode Tone

    Dave, Love the BE100. LOVE. I live in the BE mode, and rarely use the HBE. Sometimes when I hit the HBE I want to fiddle with the tone - backing off the treble a bit (I am an Eric Johnson/Allan Holdsworth type - don't roll your eyes!). :-) This has replaced my Bogner Ecstasy as my main session...
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    Played a Friedman Cali today

    I played a candy apple red Friedman Cali (dual humbucker) today through a Tone King Sky King amp. Wow. Incredible playability, which I had hoped for and sorta expected. What I didn't expect was how good the guitar sounded. Balanced, rich, and Les Paul levels of sustain and girth. I really dug...
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    FS: SLOCLONE 46&2 Build (price drop + trade added)

    Immaculate SLOCLONE build, done by one of our own. $1550 shipped O'netics iron. Pics in video. Sounds KILLER, but I need to get a grab-and-go rig for a new opportunity and my other amp is my main session rig (BE-100). TRADE ADDED: Bogner Telos plus $300 from me 6ulAutqxsX0 yjBhIJMNEOY...
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    Is this for real? (Reverb Charvel CS Listing)
  12. Rdodson

    BE100 vs Small Box

    Dave, I’ve had a BE100 for 2 years which has been a great amp. I played a Small Box for the first time yesterday. Whoa. LOVED it. It had a bit more give a chewy midrange or something going on. I’m guessing that in addition to the EQ being a bit different there is a filtering difference and...
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    Dallas International Guitar Festival

    Any RT'ers going? Ron
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    FS: 2015 BE100 & SLOCLONE

    Trades added - Friedman Dirty Shirley/SmallBox: 2015 BE-100 $2600 xexouIQCoE8 KODvl0gxZ2A 46&2-built SLOclone (an absolutely beautiful build) $1600 yjBhIJMNEOY 7O6TbPD9HUE oZdQLWXKnls Thanks Ron
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    Hi-Gain Clip: 46&2 SLO

    Just warning you - I am not a hi-gain player and I made this up as I went along. No pedals, nothing in the loop. Bogner 1x12 with a Scumback H75 LDC. Just my old Charvel into the amp. Sounds killer. yjBhIJMNEOY
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    46&2 SLO Circuit

    Just wanted to show what the famous 46&2 SLO build sounds like. This isn't high gain, so don't expect that. oZdQLWXKnls
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    BE100 sounds killer with a Strat, NOT just for humbuckers

    Love my BE100, and it isn't just for humbuckers. xexouIQCoE8
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    Spammers ruin this sub just like they did the Bogner Forum.
  19. Rdodson down?

    Anyone else having trouble connecting? I'm getting bounced emails as well. I hope all is good in Jet City.
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    Fractal FX8

    Have any of you had experience with this unit, especially in a 4CM situation? Would love your thoughts compared to using a medium-sized pedalboard 4CM. I currently run a Fullton 70, Dover Drive, Rockett Archer and TCE Tuner in front (sometimes a Belle Epoch as well, but sometimes that's in the...