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  1. LPMojoGL

    Big Three speaker comparison

    V30 is my fav speaker, and I find it to work well with all amps, Fender to Marshall to Mesa. I recently shot out a V30, G12h30, Greenback, WGS Reaper 30 and Jensen P12q in a 1x12 open back and Marshall SC20c. I recorded them all with a Zoom Q2 HD. I preferred the V30 in the 1x12 cab, and WGS in...
  2. LPMojoGL

    Mesa Boogie .50 caliber Metal...

    Sounds good! Those old .50 Calibers are one of my favorite Mesa amps. Great clean channel. Versatile drive channel that can go from Marshally crunch to Mark-like heavies. I believe they use a smaller output tranny that's more like 35 watts, so they're not quite as punchy as something like a 50...
  3. LPMojoGL

    Feeling the need for an MCii

    How's it sound man?! I have a MTL incoming. I'm wondering if used Wizards will dry up until headshells are available again. Think he'll go with Mojotone or Mather? Who else could do it? Avatar? Peters? Stone Age?
  4. LPMojoGL

    New wizard inbound question.

    I had that V30/H75 combo when I had the MC50 and it was great, imo. That combo worked great with any amp I used with it, actually. I recently grabbed a vertical Mesa 2x12, and am thinking about replacing one V30 with another H75, or maybe a Scumback H75 65 watter. Though the 2 Mesa V30s sounds...
  5. LPMojoGL

    Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier 25

    One of the biggest low ends in an amp I've had was an EL84 amp, 30 watt Grease Monkey. It was up there with a MW Dual Rec. Impressive, actually. Speaking of the MW Dual Rec, I'm surprised how expensive and rare they've become since the announcement of Gibson. Crazy.
  6. LPMojoGL

    Diezel Herbert Mk3 vs Friedman JJ-100

    I saw a band in a small club, with 2 guitarists, several years back, right after the Mark V had come out. One guitarist's Line 6 combo amp surprisingly sounded better to me than the other's MkV thru a vertical 2x12. I remember being kinda confused by that. Lol
  7. LPMojoGL

    Favorite boost pedals for JCM 800 and Silver Jubilee?

    I recently shot out SD-1, Tube Screamer, Klone, Green Rhino, Timmy and Gain Changer in front of a JCM800. Klone is what made it to the pedalboard. Timmy, Green Rhino and Gain Changer all had something good to offer and were more versatile than the SD1 or TS. GR was a close second.
  8. LPMojoGL

    MCII vs Friedman?

    A lot of folks that have liked the Wizards have also liked the Morris. I'm going to have to check one out.
  9. LPMojoGL

    WTB: Wizard MTL MKII 100W

    I didn't even think about this, but you're right. Houston, San Antonio and here in DFW. I wonder if they all three of them hook up all their amps at once, crank em as loud as they'll go, and hit a big low note like a drop A... would it be like:
  10. LPMojoGL

    WTB: Wizard MTL MKII 100W

    Someone didn't think that amp was too expensive. Sold in less than a day. That's a lot of chedda for an amp!!!
  11. LPMojoGL

    My story of Trace Davis and Voodoo Amps (spoiler, I'm not stoked)

    Voodoo Amps = No Go. Thanks for the heads up. Aren't they supposed to be teching for ACDC?
  12. LPMojoGL

    MCII 34 vs KT

    You know, once you reach a certain age, it becomes increasingly difficult to control one's bodily functions. That can be messy. Safety first.
  13. LPMojoGL

    2nd Greco Les Paul Score this Month

    I hate that. I missed out an a killer V and an ESP doing that. Not that I need anymore guitars... But I'd like to get a V and 335 to round out my Gibson collection, matching the magnet set on my fridge. :)
  14. LPMojoGL

    2nd Greco Les Paul Score this Month

    Best Les Paul I ever played was a 79 Custom. 11s felt like 9s. Hit the floor from waist level on the headstock and didn't even go out of tune. Bought it for $550. Traded it for a PRS Custom 24 10 top in the 90s. Wish I could have that one back.
  15. LPMojoGL

    Cameron’s shop also destroyed by fire!!!!

    Funny, today is Oscar the Grouch's birthday. Created in 1969, the actor who voiced Oscar was inspired by a taxi driver on the way to the studio. And now back to the roast.
  16. LPMojoGL

    WTB: Naylor Dual 100, 60 Super or Friedman Naked

    I've been to Dave's shop and he builds them the same way as they were built before. I think the earliest Michigan amps didn't have the dual-ganged gain pot. I'm confident that the Dallas/Dave King built ones are just as good, and better than most amps being built today.
  17. LPMojoGL

    WTB: Naylor Dual 100, 60 Super or Friedman Naked

    No such difference. Basically just more balls.
  18. LPMojoGL

    FS : Celestion Heritage G12H-30s and G12H-55s

    Those 55s are underrated speakers. Let me know if you ever want to trade for 6402 coned Greenbacks in 8 ohms. I have 2 of em.
  19. LPMojoGL

    WTB: Naylor Dual 100, 60 Super or Friedman Naked

    Right? It cleans up in such a vintage cool way, somewhere between Marshall and Fender, while still being somewhat modern. Just a really well-voiced, super all-arounder amp. The SD60 does that Naylor thick rocking thing. The SD100 does it louder, and with the half power switch, it also has a...
  20. LPMojoGL

    WTB: Naylor Dual 100, 60 Super or Friedman Naked

    I had them at different times, so hard to say, but I think they're pretty much the same. Honestly, unless you absolutely have to have a clean clean channel to switch to on the fly, I'd go SD. The Naylor SD cleans up great, has great cleans on the lower input, sounds great with the gain turned...