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  1. technomancer

    Wizard 50w Transformers

    So random question, anybody know what the stack size is on the Wizard MCII 50w OT?
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    northern1 A+ buyer

    Met for in person cash deal, great to deal with and smooth deal :thumbsup:
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    Amp Build: Cameron Aldrich

    I've wanted one of these for quite some time, and since I don't have another spare $3k+ to buy a Cameron one-off I decided to build myself one. This is my first build, and I'm open to constructive criticism, but please be gentle :rofl: I REALLY hate the small turrets I had to use on this, but...
  6. technomancer

    Smooth transaction with tonesfoyobones

    Bought an excellent condition Dual Recto multi-watt from tonesfoyobones. Smooth transaction, great communication, prompt shipping and no hassles. Amp was well packed too.
  7. technomancer

    Every company needs this. its addictive.

    funnily enough I was just using this earlier today...
  8. technomancer

    BE100 Round Power Light?

    I just noticed the BE100 I got recently has a round power light and literally every photo I can find of one online has a square light. I'm just curious when did this change take place? Also is the serial number format mmyynnnn = mm month, yy year, nnnn build number? Thanks!
  9. technomancer

    Opinion: Friedman Smallbox or Ceriatone HRP

    So, opinions: used Friedman Smallbox or a Ceriatone HRP (King Kong or Yeti)? Which would you pick and why? I'm trying to make up my mind.
  10. technomancer

    NGD Les Paul Traditional Plus-top Iced Tea

    LP Traditional Plus-top in Iced Tea finish. Great guitar, especially at the closeout price I scored it for. On to the pics... the sun washed out the grain on the back a bit, it looks much better in person.
  11. technomancer

    NGD: KxK 7DC Claro Walnut (pic heavy)

    I've had this for several weeks but have been REALLY freaking busy so I'm just now getting around to posting the thread Specs: - KxK 7DC double cut - 25.5" scale - flamed mahogany neck / body with center ebony stripe - claro walnut top - ebony board - ss frets - custom inlays front and back -...
  12. technomancer

    NGD: KxK Sii-7ex (Rosewood Neck, Bubinga, Black Limba)

    I've had this for a bit and realized I hadn't posted it over here yet. Specs - 25.5" Scale length - 5 piece rosewood neck with ebony stripes - Striped ebony board, no inlays - black limba wings - 3/4" figured bubinga carve2 top - figured bubinga headstock overlay - chambered body - Stainless...
  13. technomancer

    Doug Hoffman 50w Head

    So was wondering if anybody here has any info on these things? Anybody ever heard / played one?
  14. technomancer

    NGD: H&K Access and VS-250

    In a blast from the past I picked up the classic (and rare) Hughes and Kettner rack rig of yester-year, the Access preamp and matching VS-250 power amp. The Access is a very rare preamp, and I was happy to be able to pick one up in good condition. The Access came with two different sound...
  15. technomancer

    KxK Sii-7 Sherwood Green Pearl In The Home Stretch

    My white limba Sii-7 is in the home stretch! I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on this :rock:
  16. technomancer

    KxK / Herc Fede PMC Swirl 7 Build

    Just got pics in of my KxK Guitars PMC swirl from Herc. Keep in mind these are raw pics with no clear yet so it will look even better in the future :D Planned Specs: - 7 string, 25.5" Scale - Alder Body - 3 piece maple neck - Reversed Inline Headstock - Purple / Pink zebra BKP pickups (probably...
  17. technomancer

    Epic DAR Score

    Wow talk about an epic score, Adam of Angels landed a custom DAR Tuzia for $1200! Wish I would have had the cash to grab it myself... ah well :doh: Some guys have all the luck :lol: :LOL: Thing is freaking epic, carbon fibered chassis with purple LEDs :rock: It's been passed around a bit...
  18. technomancer

    NGD: KxK Sii-8 Grape Eight

    A little extended range goodness as a change of pace The monster is complete and has come home! My KxK Sii-8 is done!!! 28" scale 27 frets Blank ebony board Mahogany neck through Mahogany body wings Hipshot custom purple anodized aluminum bridge Custom purple anodized aluminum knob and switch...
  19. technomancer

    Fortin NATAS Announcement

    I can't believe nobody has posted this yet... It's official, the Fortin NATAS is now available... pricey at $3799 but if it's like the other Fortins it will sound godly :metal: FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS: ● World Mains 100/110/120/220/230/240 VAC 50/60HZ ● 4 - BIAS locking pots and test points...
  20. technomancer

    It's DONE! (Fortin Cali Content)

    It's done and on it's way! Should be here next week :rock: To quote Mike, "You've got the most feature loaded Cali out there :)".