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  1. nero

    Politics and other stuff

    This is it. Since some of you cannot behave properly, the off-topic section is now closed. Anyone posting political stuff or covid-related topics or whatever you can think of to insult each other will be permanently banned from this board. Again, Rig-Talk is a place about guitar, gear and music...
  2. nero

    New logo

    Hi all, As you can notice we pushed today a new logo for Rig-Talk. I think it was about time to update the logo to something more modern. We also did small changes to both the standard, light layout and to the dark mode. Reminder: to change the layout, go to the bottom left of any page and...
  3. nero

    Moving servers

    Hi all, Happy new year to you all! Most important of all wishes, I hope that you all stay safe and healthy. Just wanted to let you know that we will be moving the board to new servers in the following weeks. This change should be totally transparent to you, apart from the fact that there will...
  4. nero

    Google sign-in

    Hello there, For those interested, you can now use the Google sign-in button to quickly log in to If you already have a member account, you first need to go to your member profile (click your username at the top/right of the page), then "connected account" and connect your Google...
  5. nero

    It’s time to upgrade the board

    Hello fellow Rig-Talk members, I hope you’re all fine and safe in these troubled times. I wanted to let you know that we will soon migrate the board to a new application since it hasn’t been updated in years. We’ve been discussing it with the moderators, they’ve been able to test a staging...
  6. nero

    Log in issue (fixed)

    Hi there, We've had a server issue that started yesterday around 19h00 GMT that prevented members to log in to the board. This issue has been fixed today at 09h00 GMT. We appologize for the inconvenience. Have a nice week!
  7. nero

    The board has moved to HTTPS!

    Hi all, Just to let you know that we just switched the board to HTTPS. It should be transparent to you. You should automatically be redirected to the HTTPS version of the board. You might have been logged out though, because cookies have also be forced to HTTPS in order to enforce security...