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    SOLD ISP Decimator II

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    Tungsten 5D3 Tweed Amp

    The Tungsten Cortez 5D3: iPl3SM_Ma-o
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    BMF Effects Rocket 88

    FUZZ! y3MAEdbz7XY
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    '74 Marshall with Suhr Reactive Load

    Rock! QG4lX-RZmUY
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    Hammond Leslie G Pedal

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    Suhr Reactive Load

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    J Coloccia Guitars Big Cannoli drive

    Rock! OZQaCq-0mt8
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    Aiken Amps Gold Brick

    Cool speaker emulating direct box for not much $$. XWdLc09Gik0
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    Aiken Amps Gold Brick

    Speaker emulating direct box: XWdLc09Gik0
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    Tungsten Cortez (Tweed 5E3)

    Tweed! nDXoqd6JbRM
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    Marshall Super Lead Reissue

    With EZDrummer2 tm7paxbExc4
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    Marshall SL100 ri & Apache Boost Pedal

    Crankin' out some tones with my Marshall SL100 reissue and an Apache Boost pedal. 0jLryWOkfTk