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  1. LPMojoGL

    Sold FS: Friedman Butterslax New - $2800 sh/pp

    The amp is basically new, with footswitch/cable and power cable. Stock ARS pre and EHX power tubes. Perfect condition, $100 less than the lowest one on Reverb. I'll knock $150 off that for local DFW.
  2. LPMojoGL

    NAD, Sort Of...JMP50 Modded Jose/Cameron

    Here's a brief clip, captured with the cheapest, meaning free, android phone... This amp started out as a handwired JMP 50 clone by Vogel, using some choice parts, clean work. It sounded fantastic. Being a fan of the hot-rodded Marshall realm, I begged, pleaded and finally convinced local tone...
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  4. LPMojoGL

    Bogner Ecstasy 3534 $1800 sh/pp

    Mint in box with footswitch and manual.
  5. LPMojoGL

    Delete Gone Thanks

    Mint with dual button footswitch
  6. LPMojoGL

    It's gone

    Naylor Duel 100 for sale. $1800 local DFW, $1950 sh/pp. It was in the ampfest we did a while back, if you wanna see the videos, my YouTube profile is lpmojogl. Basically, thick, tight, gainy Marshally sounds. It hung around after SLO, Friedman and Wizard. Superb clarity and feel. Truly a...
  7. LPMojoGL

    Henrick Danhage Charvel

    Seen this yet? ... 2966035555 Looks a lot like the SC-1, but with a reverse headstock, different electronics.
  8. LPMojoGL

    Sold please delete

    Added some videos of the amp: Clean sounds, low input of the Marshall: wEtpDtfLVGY Dirty sounds, gain around 8-9 QEuQ27xbbW4 Bedroom volumes, yeah those are my bare feet Wizard hahaha: GfEUQR_SZ9k Last one, Explorer playing heavier stuff, straight in: kqqzAcj6DgA Fantastic condition, stock...
  9. LPMojoGL

    Delete please

    2012 in great condition. Works perfect, sounds great. The only thing worth mentioning is the diamond plate has slid down some on the left side. Nothing a lil glue won't fix. $1200 sh/pp, no trades. Thanks! ^notice the saggy diamond plate
  10. LPMojoGL

    Delete please

    VFE Standout - $old Suhr Koko - $140 Lovepedal BBB OC42 - $old Pedalworx McFuzz - $old Airis Savage Drive - $old Mosky Plexi M - ***
  11. LPMojoGL

    LunatiBSW: Great Deals from a Great Dude

    Quick shout out for Brandon, who has happily fueled my GAS with several great deals on fantastic gear, that I otherwise wouldn't be able to check out or afford. He takes care of his stuff and his buyers. Highly recommended. Except that Fortin. You don't want that. You wanna buy my 20th Shiva...
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    Basically like new 20th Shiva KT88. Brought it home from GC and played at low volumes/hours in my music room. I have a Naylor and 2203, as well as some bf Fenders, so this is kind of redundant. Price lowered, eyes on something local.
  13. LPMojoGL

    NGD: Charvel Super Stock SC-1

    Grabbed this yesterday. Thanks for the heads up, Rdodson! Traded my Satchel in towards this. It sounds more open and lively, like my American Pro Strat. Not as closed off. Less string tension, easier to play. Love it. 2 things I don’t like: -the neck pup outer pole pieces go quite a bit...
  14. LPMojoGL

    Video: Naylor, Mesa Rev F, Wizard MC, 78 JMP 2203

    Some of y’all might dig this. Playing some riffs and licks thru a Naylor Duel 100, 1992 Mesa Rev F Dual Rectifier, 2016 Wizard Modern Classic and 1978 Marshall JMP 2203. Charvel Satchel, Bogner OS2x12 + Suhr Reactive Load, straight in, no pedals. No trickery or tomfoolery. Recorded in my tiny...
  15. LPMojoGL

    How Much Is A 1991 USA Ontario Jackson Dinky Worth?

    MOP inlays, German Floyd, Red Pearl paint, ebony fretboard, frets good, neck straight, case, cracks in the paint around the neck pocket? Feels and sounds good. Love the fretboard. Don't like the volume knob so close to the bridge pup. Is $1300 reasonable?
  16. LPMojoGL

    Delete SoldGibson 496r & 500t set - $old

    These were pulled out of my Explorer shortly after I bought it, all lead left - $80 No trades, thanks.
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    Head is in great condition - $1250 sh/pp Cab has some scuffs, no rips or tears, comes with 3 Monkeys speakers by WGS - $400 sh/pp $1600 sh/pp for the whole setup. Best offer and local deals welcome, no trades please. This amp is as versatile as it gets. 4 brand new Electro Harmonix el84s pump...
  18. LPMojoGL

    Mesa Dual Rec Rev F Questions

    Hey there, How much is an early 93 with the MkIII tranny is worth? The prices on Reverb seem overly optimistic. What issues should I look for when checking out to purchase? Any hints, tips, tricks to setting it up and getting it to sound it's best? Thanks, Bobby
  19. LPMojoGL

    Friedman Pickups?

    I see these are available at Sweetwater now. Has anyone had a chance to try them, yet? I'm wondering how the Friedman Humbucker Plus would compare to other hotter PAF types like the Motor City 2nd Degree BBs, Detroiter, or Jim Wagner Godwoods.