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  1. studio289

    My positive transactions

    Members from multiple forums: JKD, guitarslinger, srommes, goldwing68nv, SacredGroove, Juggernaut, sah5150, Lloyd, photios, evhwolfie, GaryMcT, Mailman1971, Squid Music/chubtone, Eddie, MichaelG, ned, KingGuitar, Voodoo, okstrat, thussey3, lhrocker, Sampson, KillTone, suzuki211, metalmm758...
  2. studio289

    Switchblade ET

    The Sound Sculpture store mentions the Switchblade ET as the GL's replacement. Any details on features or availability?
  3. studio289

    Remote nag screens

    Would it be possible to include a "Don't show this again" check box in upcoming Remote/firmware updates? I have no real intention of updating my Torpedo Studio, and the "Remind me next week" thing is a bit annoying.