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  1. keennay

    WTB: Radial Headbone VT Amp Switcher

    I still have mine for sale: Regards
  2. keennay

    WTB Fortin Meshuggah

    There are plenty of great modders on these forums like David above, give 'em a shot! You might find you like their mods way better than standard Jose mods.
  3. keennay

    FS: Mills Afterburner 4x12 straight cabinet $500

    This is how it should've always been for any sale on the internet for anyone with a brain. Anything less is asking to get fucked
  4. keennay

    SOLD: Cameron Aldrich Modded Marshall 2203X

    This is still here, after 4 days? o__O
  5. keennay

    Sold, please delete

    How is a Cameron mod still unsold after 24hrs lol
  6. keennay

    Axe FX III Prices

    Full disclosure: I plan to sell one, yet turned to eBay & Reverb's completed listings to see the same products (without any additional H/W or plugins) were selling used within a $1k range. Why is that? I've never seen such a disparity in any amp head / combo / modeler in the several years of...
  7. keennay

    FS: Cameron Amplification 1x12 Cabs

    $400 each + shipping (no trades please) For sale are two Cameron Amplification 1x12 cabs, loaded with Celestion G12H 30 watt 70th Anniversary speakers. Shipping from Atlanta, Georgia
  8. keennay

    FS: Marshall G12 Vintage Speaker Quad (13th Feb 1986)

    $650 + Shipping (No trades please) For sale is a quad of Marshall G12 Vintage Speakers in excellent condition, pulled from a late 80’s Marshall Jubilee Cab. The date codes are BU13 (February 13th, 1986). This comes with the wiring, excluding the cab. I am located in Atlanta, Georgia Nick...
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    FS: Radial HeadBone Amp Switcher

    $200 + shipping (No Trades Please) For sale is a Radial Headbone Amp switcher. I am the original owner, and comes with a power cable. I am located in Atlanta, Georgia Nick
  14. keennay

    FS: Aracom PRX-150 DAG Attenuator

    $650 + shipping (No Trades Please) For sale is an Aracom PRX-150 DAG Attenuator in excellent condition. I am the original owner, bought new from their site a few years back. I am located in Atlanta, Georgia Nick
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    SOLD For sale is a Jackson SLSMG guitar in excellent condition, comes loaded with EMGHZ passive pickups. Included is a Jackson case. I am located in Atlanta, Georgia Nick
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