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    Bogner 3534 amp owners - Share your settings

    Here is my favorite setting for metal on the red channel. Using a guitar with a mid to high output pickup, set amp switches to deep and bright 2, gain at 2 o’clock, boost on. Start with the eq for presence, treble and mids at 3 o’clock and bass at noon and then adjust for taste. This amp is...
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    George Lynch WTF?

    Looked to me like he was just having fun at an impromptu jam. No vocals, so he’s just jazzin it up a little bit. It’s a different take on the song and I’m good with that.
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    Crate Stealth 50 Combo

    I used to run a Stealth 50 watt full stack back in the day. Really loved playin that thing. It incited more than a few hellacious pits!
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    Who's got the quad cortex?

    It will be even more so with helix 3.1 just dropping. FWIW, it’s a nice update and definitely improves the sound in a noticeable way.
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    OPINION: Newer Charvels are not very good. Neither are SD JBs

    Don’t know if Charvel is having recent QC issues or not, but my 2017 so-cal is a pretty decent axe. The neck is slimmer than my American series strat, but thicker than my schecter sls. Not difficult to play at all. I’d call it a solid workhorse guitar, nothing more or less. Mine does have a...
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    NAD: Friedman Smallbox - Pretty impressive!

    Absolutely!!! I only have the little jj jr, but it loves the boost. Doesn’t matter if it is the be or jbe channel, it just smokes.
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    Zak Wilde / Sebastian Bach / Led Zeppelin / 1987

    If only the mic on the camera could have handled the sound levels! They were killin it!
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    NAD: Friedman Smallbox - Pretty impressive!

    The Friedman BE channel is freakin awesome. I would love to get a chance to check out the BE50 Dlx.
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    I appreciate your asking, but I just don’t feel comfortable shipping an amp this nice. Maybe if it was a Peavey I‘d feel different.:LOL:
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    Return of the king ! ( Malmsteen)

    The track is obviously a think piece. A kinder, gentler “I am a Viking” mantra updated into the modern age of being a soldier. Surprised I had to wait until the 4 minute mark for the solo.
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    Who's got the quad cortex?

    I really like what I hear from the Fractal units. The thing that has always kept me from jumping on one is that it seems most people recommend using the computer to build/edit patches. That just completely kills the creative process for me. In that aspect, the QC looks killer from what I’ve seen...
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    Who's got the quad cortex?

    It‘s a lot of dough to only be at 75%. This might be a ‘wait and see’ pickup on the used market if it gets sorted out.
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    It‘s the curse of the dreaded local sale!!!
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    Mesa Mark clips: now with GEQ bypassed

    I don’t think your skills at dialing in a mark have anything to do with it at all. There’s a big difference in tones available when using the GEQ vs not using it. I might turn off the GEQ when messing about with the cleans or slight breakup tones , but it’s always on when the gain is cranked.
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    ^^^ Spend your Uncle Joey money here!:cool:
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    Folks who find Boogies too confusing.

    I think it‘s all in what people are used to. I’ve seen old heads argue about setting on a fender that just has bass and treble. 😬
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    Princeton Reverb

    When I had fender amps (dr & pr), I found the best thing for running dirt pedals in them was an alnico speaker. They would kind of smooth out the response so it didn’t get so ratty sounding when you cranked it up. For playing at home, they would also take some of the bite off of the bright cap...
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    Friedman WW20

    That doesn’t sound right. I normally run the presence between 11 o’clock to 3 o’clock depending on how much saturation I want in the distortion.
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    Duncan Jupiter 6?

    It looks like Duncan’s take on the Dimarzio X2N.
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