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  1. technomancer

    Pete Thorn demos Mick Mars Dr. Feelgood Marshall

    Yep and given the typical values Jose used are well-known shouldn't be difficult to replicate this at all...
  2. technomancer

    Pete Thorn demos Mick Mars Dr. Feelgood Marshall

    Eh it's a collectors piece, you're not paying for the amp you're paying for the history. Not something I would do personally but I get it.
  3. technomancer

    NCD. Guitar Cabinets Direct 4x12

    Killer! I've used a bunch of their headshells but never grabbed a cab. Looks like these are really nice
  4. technomancer


    I've owned 3 and all were great. Finish flaws are surprising on a Suhr and not to be expected. Actually the blue denim Fusionbear has used to be mine.
  5. technomancer

    Wish Doug woulda continued in Dio...until the end.

    Yep Killing the Dragon is fantastic and the tone on the live disc is unreal.
  6. technomancer

    So what’s the consensus on the BE100 Deluxe?

    I'll give you the switches on the back are just freaking annoying. I solve that and the price issue by just building my own lol
  7. technomancer

    So what’s the consensus on the BE100 Deluxe?

    Literally nothing. Or if there is I guess Marshall, Bogner, Splawn, etc etc etc all have issues too
  8. technomancer

    Sold, please delete

    Is the Atomica a Brad era production amp or a mod by Mark?
  9. technomancer

    Charvel 2021 Lineup...

    Why would the quality oj the EVH be better, they're built at the same factory in Mexico?
  10. technomancer

    Gibson buys Mesa Boogie

    Interesting, I stand corrected. I had thought Friedman was a BAD owned brand like a couple of others.
  11. technomancer

    Gibson buys Mesa Boogie

    Snipped it down, but Friedman is already owned by BAD and Fryette has some pretty heavy ties there as well with the Synergy stuff. As for the Gibson / Mesa deal, I look forward to the $8k True Historic Mark IIC+ with period correct knobs
  12. technomancer

    Any news of Cameron lately?

    The pre-Brad CCVs varied significantly from amp to amp so not shocking... There are five different clipping setups Mark used and the amps were tailored to what the buyer wanted. Sounds like the one you tried had one of the lower level clipping sets. The one off I have actually has a 5 way rotary...
  13. technomancer

    YES, NEW Sykes is out!

    Could do without the cringe conspiracy theory lyrics, otherwise cool track
  14. technomancer

    Any news of Cameron lately?

    They sell a copy of the Friedman-designed Atomica, though Nik made some changes to it.
  15. technomancer

    Fortin teams up with Maxon..

    But but magic red LEDs :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  16. technomancer

    New Charvel Day

    Sounds great, what's the routing under the guard on these?
  17. technomancer

    Charvel Pro Mod Super Stock SD1 Craigslist

    Isn't that $400+ over what those went for new? Seems to me they were $1099 or $1199
  18. technomancer

    Wizard 50w Transformers

    So random question, anybody know what the stack size is on the Wizard MCII 50w OT?
  19. technomancer

    northern1 A+ buyer

    Met for in person cash deal, great to deal with and smooth deal :thumbsup: