$150 dollar craigslist score , carvin xv112 with clip


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Whats up everyone?

So I Just scored this carvin xv112 combo amp off of Craigslist. $150 bucks , belonging to the original owner who said he purchased it in 1990, and used it approx 8 hours total. It then sat in his closet ever since! The amp has the original tubes. Came with the footswitch and all the paper work including the original receipt lol

I figured it would be cool to have a tube combo amp around for a backup and for that little amount of money even if it sucked I would gut it and turn it into something else.

Well... what in the actual hell ! This amp sounds ridiculous! Its so good that I decided to make a quick clip , I have it plugged into my 4x12 loaded with v30 and 65s in x pattern . Guitar is my carvin cs624 with aldrich pickups.... the amp has the stock el34s from 1990 and stock preamp tubes. Plugged straight into the amp, it sounds Crazy ! Everything works and rips! Crazy how many good sounds I was able to get, the eq is super reactive!

Enjoy !



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