1500 series Floyd Rose Tremolo

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To clear this up the 1500 Series Tremolo is not discontinued. Schecter, Charvel and others continue to use it on new production runs. The 1500 Series is the 1000 Series Tremolo with stainless steel screws and push-in style arm as upgrades, whereas the rest of the parts (including the plate) are the exact same as the 1000 series. This bridge is, and always was, available only to OEM's and is not sold aftermarket. Hope this helps set the record straight.

I make the upgrade sustain block.
If you need it, I have it.:thumbsup:
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I met up with a very good friend/artist Patrick Abbate @ Namm 2024 who wanted to make a short demo showing the resonant frequencies ringing thru at a very low volume. Besides the sustain note seperation and attack the harmonic structure is greatly improved as you can clearly hear. Patrick has his own line of Italian made guitars like the one he is playing, check them out.